What to see in Tangier Morocco

In Morocco, on the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar, in Tangier. In escapadalowcost.com, we want to share with you everything you should know before traveling to the Tangier region.

The city of Tangier is located in the northernmost point of Morocco Sahara Trips, that is, it is located in the extreme north of the Moroccan nation. The only thing that separates us from this beautiful African city is the Strait of Gibraltar.

Tangier is the capital of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region which, compared to other regions of the Morocco desert tours, is smaller, territorially speaking. But it is big in beauty, tradition, and history.

The history of the Tingitan city, merged with mythology and legends, is a sample of the richness and complexity of its culture. Moroccan Desert Tours.


1 Where to sleep in Tangier?
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Where to sleep in Tangier?

Tangier is a very touristic city and has enough services, so that, when traveling, you can have them at your disposal.

In the capital of Tangier, it is possible to find a wide range of hotels.

In this section we share with you 3 hotels with very good reviews and comments from users:

Dar Chams Tanja

where to stay in Tangier This hotel is located in the Old Medina of Tangier, with airport transfer and views of the Strait of Gibraltar. The first thing we liked about the Dar Chams Tanja is its privileged location: very close to the Kasbah and the souks. It is a beautifully decorated and well-balanced hotel. Comfortable, spacious rooms.

And it has:

Open WiFi.
Air conditioning.
Plasma TV in every room.
It has a spa, ideal for a massage after an afternoon of shopping in the souk.

Dar Rif

At the Dar Rif, they serve a continental breakfast with a Moroccan touch, which is perfect and will give you the energy you need to start touring the city early in the morning. The location of the Dar Rif is also strategic: very close to the points of interest of the city.

In this riad you will have everything you need to have a dream stay in Tangier:

WiFi zone.
Air conditioning.
Private bathrooms.
Satellite TV.

Desierto Marrakech
Laundry service (at an additional cost).
The staff always friendly, attentive, and ready to assist you.

Dar Jameel

This is a riad with one of the most beautiful terraces in Tangier. It is a real pleasure to have a traditional mint tea at sunset on that terrace while overlooking the bay. The attention of the staff at Dar Jameel is great. They have room service and very good prices. The architecture of the place deserves a special mention. You will love the detail of the inner courtyard.

It has WiFi throughout the riad and the reception is open 24 hours.

What to see and visit in Tangier?

In this list we list the most beautiful and curious places to visit during your vacations in the region:

The 9 April square is the main square of Tangier.

Like all squares in Morocco, it is an important meeting point.

From early in the morning the squtraare is full of people: tourists, locals, vendors offering their wares.

Just in front of the square, and, almost as an extension of it, you will find the Grand Socco.

The Great Souk is the most important point of trade in the Moroccan capital of the Strait, where you can find whatever you need.

Sidi Bouabid Mosque

Sidi Bouabid Mosque TangierThe Sidi Bouabid Mosque, also known as the Red Mosque.

Like the Great Souk, the Red Mosque is located next to 9 April Square.

Noted for the details of its construction, the best Moroccan Islamic style and its tower, visible from across the square.

The door of the Sidi Bouabides Mosque is a work of art where you can take some good pictures.

Tangier Medina

Medina, in Arabic, means neighborhood, but it does not refer to any kind of neighborhood but rather to the old part of the city.

Every Arab city has its own medina, for example, the Medina of Marrakech 5 days from Marrakech to Fes.

Thus, the Medina of Tangier is the historical area of this city, where it is possible to appreciate the typical Moroccan architecture.

Inside the Medina, each building can tell or inspire a story.

And a visit to Tangier is not complete until you stroll through the streets of the Medina.

You can also sit in one of the many cafes in the area, have a coffee, or a very typical mint tea.

The Kasbah of Tangier

Another characteristic feature of Arab cities, closely linked to the medinas, is the kasbah.

As you know, the medina is the residential and ancient part of a city, so, inside the medina, it is almost always possible to find a kasbah.

A kasbah is a walled construction, but more than a single building is the sum of several buildings, as a kind of apartment complex intercommunicated and walls.

The kasbahs were built to protect people and livestock and some are still standing today.

One such kasbah that has stood the test of time is the kasbah of Tangier.

Tangier’s Central Market

In the heart of the city, you will find the Central Market, where hundreds of vendors display their products.

It is a place with a lot of bustle and color, if you are a lover of photography you will enjoy taking pictures of the stalls with fruits and spices.

In the Central Market of Tangier, you can find everything, but we recommend that you choose well the place where you are going to buy groceries.

We advise you not to buy fresh meat, fish, and seafood for hygiene reasons.

What we could recommend you would be the fruit, but before consuming it, try to wash it well: with bottled water.

The port of Tangier

The region in which Tangier is located is one of the smallest in the Moroccan kingdom, but it has a seaport, which is one of the busiest in the whole Mediterranean area.

If you arrive in Tangier on the ferry from Algeciras, the port of Tangier, known as Tangier Med, is the first thing you will see of Tangier and offers you a visual opening of what will be the rest of the city.

But, if you have arrived in Tangier by plane, you will want to visit the port, take a walk around and see the intense activity of the ships.

The Montagne district

The district of Montagne is an exclusive residential area of Tangier, located in the west of the city, on a wooded hillside.

The sunset in the area is very beautiful.

If you have time, you can stop by this neighborhood to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

The Perdicaris viewpoint

The Perdicaris viewpoint of TangierThe Perdicaris area has a lot of history.

Whether or not you know anything about the incident of Ion Perdicaris, the viewpoint that bears his name is one of the must-see places if you are in Tangier.

It is a beautiful place, ideal for a walk with the whole family.

If you want to see the Atlantic Ocean as you have never seen it before, the Perdicaris viewpoint offers you the opportunity, do not miss it.

The beaches of Tangier

To talk about Tangier is to talk about beaches.

Yes, the beaches of this North African city deserve a special mention.

Why? Because Tangier has a privileged geographical position.

Its coasts are bathed by the waters of the Atlantic and by the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar. For this reason, each of its beaches offers a different experience and you have to visit them to live it.

Of course, you must keep in mind that they are mostly wild beaches, that is, although they receive many tourists, not all of them have been intervened with facilities and services.

Tangier beaches on the Atlantic Coast
The beaches of Tangier, which are bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, are located to the west. From there you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best sunsets of all of North Africa. 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga desert

Among the beaches of the Atlantic coast are:

  • Achakar Beach.
  • Sol Beach.
  • Ba Kacem Beach.
  • Jbila Beach.
  • Beach of the Diplomatic Forest.
  • Beach of Honiara.
  • Beach of Tahadar, or Beach of the Boats.
  • Beach of Breach.
  • Beaches of Arcila.
  • Beach of the caves.
  • Beach of the Saint.
  • Each one of the beaches has its particularities and its charm.

The beaches that have cleaner water and better services are:

Ba Kacem beach,
Achakar beach,
and Sol beach.
Each one of them has the distinction of the European Foundation for Environmental Education, called blue flag. This attests to the quality of infrastructure and more importantly, the environmental quality.

La Cueva de Hércules beach deserves a special mention, which we will talk about later.

Tangier beaches bathed by the Strait of Gibraltar
The beaches of the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, unlike those of the Atlantic coast, whose waters are cold and wild, are somewhat warmer and, with the exception of the Calas, a little calmer waters.

The beaches of Tangier, which are bathed by the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar are:

  • Malabata Beach.
  • Beach of the city of Tangier.
  • Beach of Merkaba.
  • White Beach.
  • Market Cove.
  • Big Cove.
  • Marisa Beach.
  • Beach of Ksar el Majad.Being Ksar el Majad, the only beach of the coast of the strait that counts on the distinction of the blue flag.

What museums to visit in Tangier?

Tangier is a place with a great past and history. If you go to Tangier in its museums you will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of this coastal city.

The best museums in Tangier, where you can learn more about its past and culture are:

The Kasbah Museum
Inside the Kasbah of Tangier is the Museum, an enclosure that formerly served as the residence of the Governor, which is why it is also known as Dar al-Sultan.

As with many of the museums in the area of Morocco, what is most striking is the architecture of the enclosure. The former palace of the Sultan has a privileged view of the coast.

Visiting this museum is a good way to soak up Tangier’s past. An essential visit.

American Legation

In the same Medina of Tangier, in the Rue America, is the building known as the American Legation.

This building formerly served as the headquarters of the U.S. diplomatic delegation in the territory of the Kingdom of Morocco. Today it is a museum that exhibits pieces by contemporary, international and Moroccan artists. It also has material that tells part of the history of the United States and its relations with Morocco.

Which parks and gardens to visit in Tangier?

The time has come to rest and relax, and what better way to do it, than in one of the parks of the city:

Mendoubia Gardens
Near 9 de Abril Square, you will find the Mendoubia gardens.

From this place, you will be surprised that, although they are in the heart of the city, it seems so far away from the hustle and bustle of people and traffic.

This garden is a haven of peace in the center of a busy city.

Interesting fact: Many of the trees in the Mendoubia garden are hundreds of years old.

Kasbah Museum Garden
The Kasbah Museum, or former palace of the Sultan, apart from being a place of historical and artistic interest in its surroundings has one of the most beautiful gardens in Tangier. Ideal for rest and relaxation before continuing the tour of the Medina.

Activities so you won’t get bored in the city

You may run out of ideas at some point, so here are some activities to have a good time:

Touring the city by tourist bus
One of the best ways to tour Tangier, and the surrounding area, is in the comfort of one of the seats on the tourist bus.

The bus has two routes and each one gives you the opportunity to visit the best places in the city.

The prices are unbeatable and all along the route, you will find interesting information in English.

What are the typical dishes of Tangier?

Tangier is a coastal city of millenary Muslim tradition, the gateway to Africa, and, since ancient times, has been in direct contact with the Mediterranean and its culture. And all this can be appreciated in the cuisine.

The typical dishes of Tangier are like the city, varied, between Africa, the East, and the Mediterranean. Here we show you the best of the gastronomy of the area:

Also known as a brit, the briolette is a kind of pastry made with puff pastry dough.

In Tangier, it is common to eat privately at any time, as they are made sweet, ideal for snacks or desserts, and also salty.

In its salty variety, they are usually filled with an exquisite stew, which results from mixing chicken or lamb meat with cheese, pepper, lemon, and various spices.

A real delight, ideal for the road.

Koftas are an elementary dish of Moroccan food with many variations.

Basically, Koftas are a portion of ground meat of lamb or calf, seasoned that sometimes are prepared in the manner of meatballs, others as if they were hamburgers and there are even those who prepare them as skewers.

Fruits of the sea

Tangier is a coastal city and this is something that is instantly noticeable in its markets and cuisine.

All the markets of Tangier offer a huge variety of fresh seafood, for all tastes:

In the menus of all Tangier restaurants, you will find dishes where the main protagonist is some fish or mollusk, always seasoned with different spices, lemon juice, and fresh mint leaves.

Where to eat in Tangier?

We suppose that after seeing these delicious dishes, you have the desire to try them, so here are the perfect places to taste good traditional food:

Le Saveur du Poisson
Le Saveur du Poisson has several peculiarities, the most notable of which is that, unlike most restaurants, they don’t have an à la carte menu.

So instead of choosing what you will eat they serve you the meal of the day.

Yes, we know, it may be a bit strange at first, but the selection they make never disappoints.

Le Saveur du Poisson is exquisite food, period.

The specialty of the house is the charcoal-grilled fish, delicious; simply delicious.

Dar Al Maghrebia
Dar Al Maghrebia is a restaurant that specializes in African, Arabic, Moroccan, Mediterranean food, there is something for everyone.

They have options for vegans, vegetarians, and those sensitive to gluten.

All dishes are exquisite, prepared, and served with care.

The place is very nice and the service is great.

You will love the prices and the desserts.

K-Tani serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the best Moroccan Arabian style.

The prices are excellent and the attention of the staff is first class: they serve you well and fast, and they will make you feel at home.

They offer an all-you-can-eat buffet option, which lovers of good Arabian food will appreciate as a gift from heaven.

How to get to Tangier?

Being close to Spain, to get to Tangier we have several options. In this section, we tell you all about the different ways to travel from Spain to Tangier, the gateway to Africa.

Getting to Tangier by plane
Many airlines cover the Route from Spain to the north of Morocco and it is possible to find flights from Spain to Tangier at incredible prices.

Tangier Airport
The International Airport of Tangier-Ibn Batouta is located just a few minutes from the center of Tangier as only eleven kilometers separate the Ibn Bataouta from the center and 3 days desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga

Getting to Tangier by ferry
Traveling to Tangier by ferry is highly recommended, especially if you are in the south of Spain, near the Strait of Gibraltar. The ferries take only ninety minutes from Algeciras to Tangier Med.

In addition, the offer of shipping companies that cover the route from Spain to Morocco, crossing the strait, is larger than that of the airlines. So, before buying your ticket, compare all the prices and look for the best option.