Long gone are the days when people used to wish that they could skip advertisements. With the advent of on-demand video streaming apps, people are no longer interested in advertisements and prefer to get control over the media playback. The advancements in the current technology enables people to watch TV shows, movies, and series from any device. If you are planning to deploy a Netflix clone app, this article is for you. Let’s dive deep into the expectations of every modern consumer as it will be crucial for your business.

What will modern customers seek in your on-demand video streaming app like Netflix:

Catering to the target customers’ expectations is the ultimate goal of every business irrespective of the sector. A majority of the millennial generation have ditched traditional cable services and have moved on to video streaming apps. As people have started to rely on these apps to kill time, now would be the ideal time to launch your app. With the current market demand, your business can attain a massive growth in the shortest turnaround time.

The number of set-top users has fallen to 56% from 64% as more people have cut the cord of their cable television connections. People prefer on-demand video streaming apps for its lack of advertisements and the control it provides over the content. Although there are several apps in the market, only a handful of them are visible. If you plan on making your way to be one of the top rated apps, here are a few aspects that you need to consider.


People prefer on-demand video streaming for the convenience it offers. The users will have full control over the media playback which they lacked in traditional cable services. In order to cover a wider customer base here are two primary features that you should consider. Since a majority of users will be using your app on mobile devices, it is crucial that optimize your platform accordingly. Mobile devices include tablets, smartphones, etc. Secondly you should optimize the app to make sure that the user can share their data with other devices in the ecosystem. They should be able to continue watching on other devices without any hassles and you should focus on the synchronization part to establish it.

Massive media library:

Every popular on-demand video streaming service in the market will provide endless content and users will be able to sort them on the basis of genre, cast, year released, etc. If you follow this, you will be able to cater to the requirements of every user.


Unlike the traditional movie renting services, the users need not have to pay for every single title they pick. Compare the subscription plans provided by your competitors in this niche and analyze their business strategy. Keep an eye on your pricing strategy as they are crucial for increasing your user base.


Ensure that your Netflix clone app development team optimizes the platform accordingly for customers to stream videos even at lower internet speeds. It is not possible to offer HD quality video streaming service in every scenario as people will have network issues or device limitations. Users will expect a smooth playback of videos without any glitches.

Crucial features that shouldn’t be missed on your on-demand video streaming app:

Let us take a look at the crucial features that shouldn’t be missed on your on-demand video streaming app. These apps ensure that the customers get the best experience using the app and also ensures to expand the user base.

Setting up multiple user profiles:

The users should be able to set up multiple user profiles under a single subscription as per their choice. They should also be able to assign a special account for moderate content and young viewers. The number of profiles that can be added under a single account is based on the subscription package they choose. Users can add their favorite lists, recently watched list, ratings, comments, libraries, etc., on each profile.

Content search filters:

People can get refined search results on the app by setting filters using categories like actors, genres, actors, etc. They will be able to find relevant content based on the activity on the platform.


Customers will be able to add their favorite movies and TV shows to their personal favorites list. They can rewatch it anytime from the liked library.

Offline play:

You cannot expect users to stay in the network connected zone every time and so integrating the download feature will help in such situations. They can also save mobile data by downloading their favorite content on WiFi connection. Right now Netflix lets users download as much as 100 titles on their app.

In a nutshell

With the increase in the types of content uploaded on video streaming platforms, people are increasingly replying on these platforms as it caters to their interests. Devise an innovative marketing strategy to place your strong foot into this profitable sector. Ensuring content protection from unauthorized access is a crucial move in this business. You must pay attention to the minute details in the app to enhance its functionalities and focus on meeting the user requirements. Once you have a clear understanding of the market, you will be able to move forward in the business.