As the winter makes way for the summer, we must make sure to read the ingredients list from custom lotion boxes we intend to buy to ensure that it has the right ingredients to moisturize our skin. Some people think that they can use the same lotions in summer and winter. They can’t be more wrong. Your needs moisturizing in summer and winter. In summer it requires something lighter to keep the pores unclogs but effective enough to replenish the skin. Because of this reason, it is often suggested that moisturizers should be applied to the face after washing. The skin should be damp before application of moisturizers. It will help trap moisture for the skin. No matter what your skin type is just like clothes you need breathable products for your skin in the summer to avoid any sort of discomfort. Select lotions that are described on the custom lotion boxes as the milks or lotions.

One of the best moisturizer textures to get absorbed within minutes into your skin during the summer days is GEL. It does not leave behind oily residues that clog the pores of the skin. Always read the lotion packaging boxes for the information related to the products printed on them. Most companies that market or manufacture the moisturizers have switched to custom cardboard packaging. Using the space on these lotion packaging boxes, they can create impressive branding themes for their products to attract more customers. These custom cardboard boxes help keep the moisturizer bottles packed inside safe and protected from temperature extremities and other factors that can cause damage. There is sufficient space on the custom lotion box packaging to print information related to the company, the product offered, and the creative themes that brand the product. Exclusive printing and add-ons are used on these boxes to give them a distinct appeal.

Even if you take care of your skin religiously, do not think that nothing impacts it. Even the weather and biological changes can have a great effect on how your skin looks and behave. Always make it a point to read the labels and the ingredients from the custom cardboard packaging of lotions you plan to buy. In summer, avoid the products that have ingredients like;

  1. Lanolin
  2. Petrolatum
  3. Glycerin etc.

Instead, select the lotions that have ingredients like glycolic acid, which can be used for exfoliation and hydration in summer. Read the custom retail packaging of lotions to find out if they have additional SPF. Always prefer the SPF products over others. Remember that you need protection from the sun even if you are indoors. Controlling sun-damage is the best thing a person can do to minimize the aging of the skin. Prefer lotions with an SPF factor of at least thirty. They always print the SPF factors on the custom retail boxes of lotions.

We must also keep the skin type that you have into consideration when buying appropriate lotions in summer. It must differ from the moisturizer that you select for your body. It is because the skin of your face is thinner. Read the formulae of the lotions printed on custom printed lotion boxes and select accordingly. You will need rich lotions if your skin is dry and lighter ones if it is oily. In case you have a combination, skin select light lotions and cover dry patches with a cream. Always read the expiry dates of these products before using them. You don’t want to expose your skin to the toxicity the lotion might have developed pot expiry.

If you are using an old lotion, smell it and do a patch test first. It will prevent you from suffering from allergic reactions. Even if the lotion hasn’t yet reached its expiry date but smells funny to you or has lost its original texture, toss it out right away.