After completing the +2 class, the students usually get confused about whether they should apply to become a medical doctor or a dental doctor. This confusion can sometimes lead to indecisiveness which could be bad for career life. Since there is so much stress on students nowadays, rather than adding to that already existing stress, the family should give them the options and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different fields. Only after thorough research, the student should make a decision and commit to it fully. In this article, we are going to explore both MBBS and BDS options and then you can choose which option you want to go for –


Becoming a medical doctor is not an easy task. A person has to study for years to get a bachelor’s degree and after that, they would be considered as general doctors. If a doctor wants to increase their knowledge and become able to treat patients with specific disease then they have to get a master’s degree which takes a lot of time and effort. Apart from taking so much time for the course, the life of MBBS doctors is full of challenges. A doctor has to work hours when they take up the job. The medical doctor’s job is hard work and dedication. The salary of medical doctors is high as compare to dental doctors. The course fee for MBBS is higher than the course fee for BDS. Usually, medical students like to opt for MBBS, and thus the competition is very hard. This leaves many students disheartened when they don’t get admission to a prestigious medical school. Sometimes, the students take 3-4 years of coaching to get into medical school. This creates stress for students and their parents. We would suggest that if a student wants to go for medical then he or she should take 1 NEET exam. If it gets cleared, then the student can take up the medical studies. If not, then there are lots of good options available as well.


BDS is a popular field that is explored by more and more students here. BDS requires hard work and dedication during the course and as a dental doctor, the person is required to serve others. Dental doctors have lots of work opportunities in India and abroad. The course duration is less as compared to the medical field. The course fee is manageable too. Usually, the students who study hard can easily get through the course and find a good job. Unlike medical doctors, they have to work fixed hours and there are almost no chances of getting an emergency case in the middle of the night. BDS exams can be cracked with consistent effort. If a person is interested in studying, then they can apply for MDS which is a master’s degree and gives a specific advantage to degree holders.

Overall, it should be the personal choice of students about the career they want to pursue. But it is also important to look at the career trends and not stress about education so much. So, if you’re a student who wishes to become a doctor, then take your time, choose your target and put 100% effort into the field that you want to get your degree in.