The problem with gas cylinders available in hospitals is that they do not come in standard sizes. This reduction created sack trucks that could handle all different sizes easily and safely. Another special type of trolley is clearly designed to move barrels of beer. It has a curved back frame to stabilize the barrel when moving it. In addition, a movable hook is fitted to stabilize the load by leaning against the curved part of the frame.

Versatile convertible and heavy duty trolley

If you are on a budget and cannot afford to buy much different office trolley for different uses, consider getting a convertible model. The trolley can also be arranged in horizontal or vertical position. In settings where trolleys have heavy or difficult use, it is wise to invest in a heavy-duty model with a strong frame and components. The frames on these are usually made of thick, durable angle iron. Their flat, mesh backs make them ideal for moving heavy stacks of boxes or materials. To facilitate this moving, the heavy-duty sack trolley also has a long, open toe plate that helps stabilize the load while moving. The open tow and plate reduce the overall weight of the trolley, making it an ideal choice for use on food and alcohol handled delivery vans.

Aluminum Heavy Duty office Trolley

This trolley weighs much less than the steel model. It has a mesh back, and can also have a steel toe plate for durability. Such models are designed to accommodate loads of almost any size, weight and shape. The second feature, rear skids, allows for the convenience of moving up and down stairs without bumping or jerking. There are several handle styles available, including pistol grip, double, P-handle or U-handle.

Another type of office trolley

Diamond tow truck, pneumatic barrow truck, heavy duty drum truck, mesh back truck and drum dolly are other types of purpose sack trolleys with highly specialized design. Rough terrain sack trucks designed for use on uneven soils found in places such as construction sites and farms are also available. There is also a warehouse platform trolley with a load rating of 300 kg, and it is equipped with a strong, solid platform. Both the deck and bumper strip are rubberized. The handle with the bridge is folded flat for easy storage. Expect to pay about 50 for this type of trolley. It also has a 5-inch caster, and is 916mm, tall, 616mm wide and 863mm. It weighs 16 kg.