Confused about selecting the most prominent cross-platform framework for your startup in 2021?

Well, you probably are looking for an ideal framework that is worth investing in and gives cut-throat competition to its market competitors.

Let me help you with your selection.


Why, you ask?

Because in the race of innovative mobile application development, flutter has come out as an absolute winner. With its incredibly efficient and reliable performance, Flutter has marked its footprints on the mobile application development industry!

Not only startups and enterprises are scaling-up with Flutter-based mobile applications, they are running smoother than ever!

According to a Stackoverflow survey, Flutter is the third most loved and preferred cross-platform by entrepreneurs.

Google Ads (Utility), Alibaba, Hamilton Musical, SG Bustracker, etc are some famous mobile applications made by using flutter.

Now, let us explore more and find out how Flutter is like a boon for startups nowadays.

Flutter and Its Background

Flutter is an advanced open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) launched by Google to create Android and iOS mobile apps that are robust, scalable, high-performing, and are capable to work on multiple operating systems by using a single base code.

Flutter is written in the Dart language and delivers applications with the best typography and scrolling behaviors with its complete UI Kit. Google created Flutter to make it easier for developers to create new features for apps without compromising speed and performance. If you are also willing to develop a flutter app, then you can mobile app development company for your project.

Flutter apps can be used on smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and can be deployed on any platform Android, IOS, or Windows.

Did you know?
Flutter 1.0 was launched on Dec 4th, 2018. Since then, over 100,000 apps have shipped using Flutter to millions of devices.

Flutter has been around since 2015 but it remained at the beta stage till its official launch in December 2018. Flutter is now counted in the top 11 software repos based on GitHub stars and is used to develop high-performing applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase.

The very first Flutter version was codenamed “Sky” which ran on the Android operating system.

4 Key Features Of Flutter That Makes it a Front Runner In Mobile Application Development Race

Costs are a subject of issues for startups. With mobile app development costs reaching peaks, it is hard for entrepreneurs to get into the mobile app space. Flutter makes it really easy for entrepreneurs and startup enterprises by offering a range-wide range of features such as-

  1. Open Source
    Flutter, being an open-source language, gives the advantage to leverage built-in beautiful material design which includes rich motion APIs, Cupertino widgets, smooth natural scrolling behavior, and so on.
  2. UI Native widgets
    Flutter ensures the native performance of the application by offering a set of fantastic widgets. The set of amazing widgets include scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts, ensuring a hassle-free app development procedure.
  3. Hot Reload feature
    Flutter’s hot reload feature helps in easy experimentation, bug fixation, and UIs building. With hot reloading, developers can easily make changes in real-time.
  4. Equipped with native ARM
    Flutter is equipped with native ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) code which is undoubtedly the most helpful for startup enterprises and those involved in the tech business. With it, you can implement your ideas more quickly and easily.

How Flutter Is Setting a Trend in the Mobile Application Development Industry?

With evolving technologies and increasing market trends, many startups face the consequences of picking up the wrong mobile application development platform. Google Flutter has become a real breeze for the developers since its launch and is now considered a safe and optimum choice for entrepreneurs for establishing their startups.

Let us look at some reasons for Google Flutter’s increasing popularity-

Reason #1- Faster App Development

Time is the real money and everyone wants to save it!

Google’s Flutter has integrated widgets and tools that help developers develop mobile applications at a faster pace with quality standards. Flutter offers highly customized and extremely attractive app solutions in less time without any compromise in performance and efficiency. Isn’t it great?

Moreover, developers can quickly make changes in the Flutter codebase as it owns a hot reload feature that reflects instant changes in the codebase within milliseconds and enables coders to monitor improvements and updates in real-time.

Reason #2- Less Coding Requirement

Flutter does not require repetitive code writing for different platforms. A single code base is enough to smoothly run on multiple channels without compromising the quality of the app. For a single code base writing, you need an experienced Flutter App Development Company that helps you create functional applications by using a single code-base.

Reason #3- Cost-Effective

A native app requires different codes for multiple operating systems but in cross-platform app development such as Flutter, a single code can be used to build applications that function flawlessly on different platforms minimizing the overall cost of maintenance of the software effectively. The best part is, you don’t need to invest separately for each platform.

Reason #4- Solves the Back-end and Front-end Problem

Forming backend and frontend formats often become issues for Android developers. Flutter’s reactive framework eliminates the need to get references to the widgets.

Flutter is considered to be a trending framework by android developers as it makes backend and frontend layouts much more easier by a single language.

Reason #5- Less App Testing Efforts

Flutter’s single code requires one single deep Quality Assurance for feature, function, and program testing. One single code is required for both Android and IOS platforms. Hence, there are fewer chances of bugs in the code.

Reason #6- Excellent Design Experience

Flutter, in partnership with material design, creates a promising and powerful user experience. Unique Android and iOS power-packed widgets offered by Flutter provide the native type of mobile app experience.

Reason #7- Simple and Easy to Understand Language

Flutter uses Google’s in-house language “Dart”, which is a general-purpose language understandable with even a beginner developer. Dart’s reactive framework handles both the front-end and back-end in one place without any hassle.

Reason #8- Ideal Choice for Increasing Productivity

App development using Flutter saves up a lot of time as Flutter is designed with a “Hot Reload” feature that helps the developers to make instant changes in a real-time brushing off the requirement of recompilation.

Reason #9- Integration with Google Firebase

One big advantage of using Flutter is getting its Google-backed Firebase which offers a complete package of application management. Google’s Firebase allows the app infrastructure to be scalable & server less which is a point of benefit for startups.

Reason #10- Easily Available Plugins

For a cross-platform application like Flutter, developers have a wide range of plugins to choose from which makes the entire application development process smoother and much more comfortable.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for enterprise applications to be built for your internal organization’s ecosystem, or an outstanding application for a specific geographic region, Flutter is no doubt, the best choice!

With its improved features latest v1.2, Flutter is offering exponential growth to startup enterprises and business organizations which makes it a perfect framework for your app development project.