Emails are very important for everyone in this current world. Sbcglobal email is also one of the best email service providers, to use this there is no need for you to install this app instead you can use this with your other emails. It increases the user’s workflow. In a few cases this email does not work.

Reasons for not working:

  • When there is a bad network connection this mail service fails to work. First when it stopped working just check your network, some will go into sbcglobal email settings and discover nothing.
  • The browser setting that the user is using will be having inappropriate settings. 
  • Sometimes this can happen because of antivirus software. It interrupts and doesn’t allow it to work. So in this case, you will have to disable the software temporarily. 
  • When the SBC server is down. It is very easy to identify it. Go to google and type server down detector, click anyone and when it asks the name of the website mention SBCGlobal email. Then it will display the result whether the app is down only for you or for everyone. 
  • When the time and date in your device is incorrect.

Issues that users face:

When the site mail server settings is not working properly means the issues user will face are:

  • The website does not work properly.
  • Mail will not be able to be sent to others.
  • Passwords won’t work.
  • Could not download the attachments.

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