Windows 10 has an amazing feature of active sleep mode that automatically puts your computer on rest when it observes inactivity for a while. This feature helps to resume the work without reopening files and assembling them again. Consequently, it becomes troublesome when the computer won’t go to sleep

How can you resolve it? Read ahead to know the reasons and the ways to solve computer showing-up issues concerning the sleep mode. 

Reasons to Restrain the Sleep Mode from Working in Windows 10 

  1. Incorrect settings of your system.
  2. Issues with device drivers.
  3. Third-party software interference. 
  4. Running update in the background or the overnight update is active, thereby windows 10 won’t sleep automatically
  5. Have not restarted your computer for a long time. 

Check the Sleep Mode Settings 

  1. Make sure sleep mode is set up correctly. 
  2. Go to the right pane and select Additional Power Settings. 
  3. Now check on the Allow computer to Sleep” option. 
  4. Or, you can directly click on the Restore plan defaults” to check where sleep mode is allowed in the system. 

However, sleep mode does not respond if any update is delayed or set to run overnight. Besides, when your computer tries to respond to any update, windows 10 sleeping mode not working issues will appear. Check for the update and click on install to avoid such issues.