As fashion mavericks are continuing to experiment with jogging bottoms for men, joggers are becoming more and more famous in the fashion industry. 

Joggers have become so popular that they are now becoming one of the most important items in menswear. 

These days, gents on the cover of top fashion magazines are seen flaunting their fashion with joggers. Especially the combination of joggers with blazer, sweatpants, and even dresses, is gaining endless admiration. 

Although some elite would be seen scoffing and denouncing joggers as an absurd fashion trend, it should be remembered that similar people once declared that jeans would not last for very long. 


Tight clothing might seem great for some occasions, but there are days when you do not feel like putting a lot of effort. That is when joggers come for the rescue.  With a bit of improvisation, Joggers can be the best bet for anyone who wants to look stylish without sacrificing his comfort.


Sneakers and joggers

With a sudden rise of streetwear in the fashion industry, people realized that there are not many pants offering the tapered style, to show off the sneakers. That’s when joggers blew up the men’s fashion for they effortlessly allow you to brag the pair of your favourite kicks!


T-shirts and Joggers 

You can depict your fashion at best with a casual look. It is the most practical and convenient way of slaying your style.

With joggers and Tees, it is no rocket science to keep all the right factors into consideration. 

For a good classy look, all you have to do is put on a nice printed t-shirt that does not look too off with your joggers. For a relatively casual look, put on a dark coloured t-shirt with neutral-tone joggers. 

 You can buy really cool t-shirts from with joggers of the same brand, so you would not have to worry about the right matching. 


Collared shirt and joggers

Buttoned up collared shirts are deemed to be a bit too dressy. That’s is because we see them as regular office wear and not something that can be worn for lounging around in the living area. But due to a sudden evolution of joggers, you can now feel and look comfortable in your collared shirt over a pair of joggers. If it still feels formal to you, you can unbutton or half-button your shirt and can roll up three-quarters of your sleeves.

For summers you can create a combination of the bright collared t-shirt with neutral joggers. To further enhance your look, put on a pair of shades.


Outwears and Joggers

It is always tricky to pull off a look with blazers, jackets and sweaters, that is because the layering of cloth can easily make you look overdressed. However, pairing outwears with joggers can be very safe, since joggers are typically loose, which allows legs to freely move around. Consequently, making you look at ease. 


Denim jackets are another excellent alternative, to make you look crisp and casual.  

If you are looking to stand out at the party, add a blazer with a fitted pair of joggers.  Matching neutral colors together can also be fun, but understandably it is a risk that everyone might not be willing to take. 


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