Have you bought a domain name for your new website? A familiar gesture in non-specialists is purchasing a single domain name for one website. However, people with quite a bit of know-how of the web hosting & domain industry always register more than one domain. It does not matter if they have one or more than one website.


Does a question of why they do so knocks at your mind?

Well! It definitely be. That is why today, we will unbolt the compelling reasons that drive their interest to have multiple domains.

Up for it?


Let’s dive in!

Before starting out, keep in mind that the query here is not about registering for multiple domains for different websites. Instead, the point is to register multiple domains for a single website.


Broaden your Website Access with Geolocation Extensions 

Remember, search engines take geolocation extensions into account while arranging and rank the websites for result pages — all for the users’ easiness.

When users search for the services globally or in their local area (in conjunction with the keyword ‘nearby’) on search engines, the typical course of action of the search engines is to display what’s closer to them on top positions. So, for instance, users in Australia will view country-specific websites with a domain name ending at .au on top.

Thus, you can buy location-based extensions of your Cheap .com domain to register more than one domain. For instance, .com.au, or .net.au and .com.ca, or .com.pk, and so forth and directing them all to the main website. Eventually, securing increased search capabilities and seize more local and international traffic and hence sales.


Strengthen your SEO 

Having multiple domains can streamline your way to rank for various domains. How? Let us explain it to you.

For instance, you buy various domains and create small websites, aka microsites, and do their SEO in terms of content and design, etc. Afterward, link and direct their traffic to your primary domain. Even if you don’t want them to be indexed by Google, you can use 301 redirects and forward the traffic to the main domain. You can incorporate quality backlinks, too—all resulting in supporting your SEO efforts.


Brand cyber-security & Avoiding Traffic Lose 

Your competitors can buy the same domain names and attract visitors confused with the look-alike domains. In addition, hackers often keep an eye on the relevant domains to snatch the traffic, data breaches, and more. All the above scenarios can negatively impact your business productivity and reputation.

Purchasing the possibly akin and related domains can cast aside such competitions and cyber-crimes far away. Thus, eventually saving your brand name and traffic.


Risks of Typos + Misspellings 

Using contractions, auto-correct function, etc., is pretty common in today’s generation, alongside fast typing using mobile keyboards. So spelling alterations and typos will not be a new thing. However, if it happens while searching for your website, your prospects and customers can’t find you. The worst case can be that they might be redirected to your competitors’ site. Eventually, you will lose not only the traffic but also the customers.

So purchasing the domains that are potential misspellings of your domain can help you a lot. For instance, you have a domain dreamhome.com. Other names can be “draemhome.com” or “dreamhom.com,” or “dreamhomes.com,” etc. Even if the users accidentally make a mistake, they will land on your website in any case.


Latest & Relevant TLDs 

Register more than one domain name, and having a domain matching your business niche is perfect for catching people’s eye. For instance, the words like “.plumber, .photography, .bakery, .kitchen, .help” not only tell the people what you deal with but also let you have a distinct identity in the online market. If previously you get a generic TLD because you couldn’t get a relevant domain narrating your business story. Grab the opportunity now of registering the latest TLDs and be memorable to internet users.


Does domain cost worry you?

Despite these lucrative benefits, people still hesitate to get additional domains due to the cost. If you worry about your budget too, then rest assured. You can register for a Cheap .com domain, perfectly affordable without hitting your pocket. If you prefer any other TLD, you can also get it at lower prices.

The critical thing to mention here is to have more than one domain isn’t essential for all businesses. It’s just that the large and settled online businesses and the small businesses that have their branches in different niches or locations can leverage the benefits.


Already have more than one domain?

Keeping an account and managing all domains might seem overwhelming to you. People alternatively have all domains via a single registrar or have different registrars. It’s up to you that all of your domain names are registered with the same registrar or variant. However, if you want to associate with a single registrar, you can go for the domain transfer process.

No worries, it isn’t challenging if you hook up with Cheap domain transfer providing-companies. Similarly, you can also buy your new Cheap .com domain from where you have the previous one omitting the need for a transfer process now or later.


Wrapping Up!

The Internet market has been jammed with billions of websites for a very long time, and it will surely increase more and more over time. Finding your website will be difficult for people. However, having more than one domain name for each of your websites brings a lot of benefits. For instance,

Secure more traffic from different locations locally and internationally.

With the introduction of new TLDs, you have options to register for a matching domain name that you can’t get previously.

Even if the internet users misspell or have typos while searching your domain, ultimately, they will land on your websites.

Sounds incredible! Right?

So, register more than one domain name and get all the amazing perks for your business.