Online education is becoming increasingly popular, especially since the pandemic hit in 2020. Online education has been around for a while, but for a long time, it wasn’t especially popular. That’s before the pandemic made everyone have one choice and one choice only for continuing their learning. This choice was working and learning from home. Schools had to teach all their students over a video call, and workspaces such as Google Teams thrived. The once hidden distance learning centre was now being widely researched on google and became highly popular.

Online education used to be something that you would choose if you either a) had care commitments, b) felt anxious going out into the world, such as social anxiety, or c) couldn’t afford to travel to an ideal college, school or university. Now, it is many individuals first choice. There is a whole range of benefits of online education that has led to this change in attitude.

Not just online learning, but remote working is also becoming increasingly common. Offices are closing down as individuals have realised that they can save money in a business and actually become more productive by working from home.

Here are just a few of the benefits that have led to online education becoming the new normal:


1. Home Learning is Much Cheaper

Costs are cut when you get to learn from home. Firstly, you do not have to pay for travel. Being at home means that you may not have to pay for buses, trains or even a car (which is a really expensive investment.) Secondly, online learning institutions usually offer their courses at a reduced rate. This means they can be a far better option than an expensive university.

The College of Contract Management is a really great example. They are an online college that has seen its popularity increase since the pandemic. They offer HND courses, diplomas, advanced diplomas and even NVQs. They specialise in construction, business, leadership and marketing courses. They are much more affordable than an average university or college.


2. Home Learning Offers Flexibility

In addition, home learning has the benefit of being flexible. You can study things like coaching for the CIOB, a law HND and more, all from the comfort of your own home. Usually, they also allow you to choose when you study so that you can study in your most flexible periods.

If you need to care for children, or you simply want more freedom with the times that you study, this would be a really great option for you.