When it comes to our children, we, as parents, are very protective. We want to keep them safe from every danger and want our children to learn self-defense so that they are capable of fighting for themselves. The reality is that there are several times when they’re alone and knowing how to protect ourselves is a useful skill for the growing child. Learning self-defense for kids helps them learn how to take life fearlessly on several levels. Unfortunately, when most people think of self-defense, they think of hitting back.

A large part of self-defense has nothing to do with hitting or striking another person. Instead, it’s just aware of your surroundings.  

Here are some reasons why all children should learn self-defense or send them to kids self-defense classes

  • It’s good exercise- It’s recommended that children from ages 6-17 get at least one hour of physical activity every day. Self-defense training for kids is a great way to help them get that activity in. Self-defense classes increase children’s overall health and wellness. Children gain better control over their bodies while building muscle and strength. The movements required to learn effective self-defense techniques are excellent for refining a child’s balance and agility. 
  • Teaches awareness of surroundings- An integral part of self-defense is taking a proactive stance towards danger. Children who attend kids self-defense classes learn to recognize and avoid dangerous situations. Children who are taking self-defense classes are taught to be aware of everything around them. Children taking self-defense classes are not naive. They know that there are many ways for small people to get hurt in the big world, and they stay alert.
  • Build confidence- Up to one-third of all children lack confidence. In giving children the skills they need to protect themselves, self-defense classes build their confidence levels. The children are constantly learning new skills, and each one builds on the one before. As this is the beginning to master these concepts, kids will build pride and confidence in their newfound abilities. 
  • Teaches smart solutions to bullying- Most of the time, bullying occurs in or around school space, outside school grounds, or on the bus. While bullying was strictly a physical thing in the past, children today also experience cyber bullying, which takes place online. Children who are unaware of their surroundings or uninformed about bullying are more likely to be targeted. Self-defense classes give your child the tools to handle bullying effectively. Your child will learn how to diffuse a bullying situation correctly through the use of confident body language, walking away when appropriate, and other deflection techniques. 
  • Develops discipline- Concentration and self-control are concepts taught in martial arts and other self-defense classes. Learning complex skills requires intense focus and practice. Kids who have taken self-defense classes learn not to give up easily and perfect different moves through repetition. Children are also taught how to avoid acting on impulse. You’ll see significant improvement in your child’s behavior after only a few sessions of self-defense training.  

Classes that teach self-defense for kids are an excellent way to help your kids be prepared for any situation. Visit today for more great ideas for keeping the entire family safe. 

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