When it comes to Singapore local school admission for foreign students, most of them prefer to study at international schools. This is as true of a primary school, as it is of a high school. The reasons for this are quite obvious. For one, the local curriculum and medium of instruction would be different from what such students are used to back home. For instance, students who have come from India would like to study at an Indian international school like the Global Indian International School, as they offer the same CBSE curriculum that is offered by schools in India. Then again, they would also offer international curricula like the International Baccalaureate programme that helps one do well in the global academic environment. Let us look at some other reasons why an expat living in Singapore may want to send his or her child to an international school.

1. It may be the only choice they have

Apart from the question of cultural compatibility and the curricula in question, getting admission into local Singapore schools may be exceedingly difficult on account of very few seats being available.  This leaves you with no choice but to get your child admission in an international school.

2.  An expat family may have to relocate

As is often the case with expat families, they often have to relocate to another location, which makes it more practical to get the children admission in primary school. That is on account of their following an international curriculum which would be found at international schools in other countries as well.

3. Networking within the expat community

Expat communities from different countries tend to network with their kind abroad and this extends to the schools that they put their children into. For instance, the American community in Singapore would prefer that their children study at an international school in Singapore that offers the American curriculum.

4. International School Offer a Global Perspective

Most international schools have students hailing from diverse ethnic, cultural and national backgrounds and this creates a very international kind of environment, which works to their advantage in life.  They learn to view things from other people’s perspectives and that prepares them to be true global citizens. Students who have had that kind of an exposure at an early age will do well in any part of the world.

5. Incredibly Good Faculty, Infrastructure and Facilities

The international schools in Singapore boast of an incredible faculties, infrastructure and facilities which combine to create a very conducive atmosphere to receive an education. Not only does one learn academically, one is also able to pursue one’s hobbies and passions in a very encouraging and enabling environment. A child who has this kind of a stellar environment at school is bound to blossom into a confident and fully aware individual, ready to take on the world. It is no surprise, therefore, that most expats are more than happy to send their children to the many wonderful international schools that exist in Singapore.


Singapore is a first world country offering some of the best standards of living anywhere in the world. Not surprisingly there are expats from all over the world who work and live there. The fact that there are a number of extraordinarily good international schools in Singapore makes it easy for these expats to give their children a world class education. That is the reason why these schools are in such great demand.