Wait, Wait, your tan doesn’t have to be a fad!   

With winter fast approaching, why not start with a healthy glow!? A sunless tan is a perfect way to keep your skin looking amazing without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. Airbrush tanning is always custom blended, so you can sit back and relax while we build your perfect color!

Have you ever wondered why people constantly ask when the best time to get an airbrush tan is? What makes “that time of year” so special that it’s considered the best for getting a perfect complexion without damaging UVA/UVB rays? 

Whether you’re just trying to be a tanner or change up your skincare routine, it’s important to know what you’re getting into when deciding which season is best for that perfect tan.

Let us tell you the reasoning behind choosing that time of year for your beauty needs! Many ask why people decide to go tanning in the winter months; they usually answer with “because I hate being pale,” but that’s not the only reason!

Benefits + Reason for getting an airbrush tan in the fall/winter months

No pale, no pasty while! Only amazing skin

The best benefit is you get to look great for the holiday season without worrying about being pale or pasty white while wearing your favorite outfits! Your skin will look amazing with many layers of clothing on! Many brides make it a priority to have their tan last through their entire wedding and honeymoon.

Tanning doesn’t fade, and you can get tan at your time 

You have more flexibility to tanning places indoors or outdoors if desired. Many people try to avoid being in the sun at all costs during the summer, leaving them with limited options for achieving their perfect tan! With fewer people out and about, you are able to get a custom airbrush experience at tanning salons so everyone can feel beautiful.

You can look astonishing from head to toe and not worry about it fading or looking blotchy as the days go by. With an airbrush tan, you’ll look just as amazing during winter as you do in spring and summer. 

Save your time and money

Another reason is that fall/winter airbrush tanning is less expensive! Many tanning places offer discounts to new customers or people who sign up for the year; this means more savings for you!!! After all, you worked hard enough to save for those holiday splurges, so why not get something else while you’re at it. And your tan will last for several weeks to months instead of fading away in days.

Avoid UVA/UVB rays

You can avoid UVA/UVB rays and still get a beautiful tan. Now you can beat the cold winter months by looking bronzed and beautiful from head to toe! This is a great way to feel hot while still staying warm for those of you who live in colder climates! 

Get a healthy glow

Your skin will be hydrated and moisturized through the process! The airbrush solution is a lotion that is sprayed onto your body from head to toe, giving it that healthy glow.

You don’t need to worry more about skin burn or peeling skin. You can enjoy your time outdoors guilt-free! With melanin being produced at a higher rate during the colder months, it’s easier for your body to produce more color, which means you can get darker more evenly.

Also, no orange tint or fake-looking tans! We are fully committed to providing you with an amazing custom airbrush tan every time. 

Less harmful to your skin

It’s best to get an airbrush tan when it’s cold because the sun is less intense in winter. This makes organic tanning less harmful to your skin and gives you that perfect glow all year!

It doesn’t affect your personal life

If you’re trying to get pregnant, tanning in the winter months will not affect your fertility rate like tanning would in warmer seasons. So if you’re planning for a baby, you can feel confident in your routine without worrying about the seasons affecting your plans!

Take a vacation from using a self-tanner! 

Why should you have to do all the work when we are more than happy to do it for you? The airbrush tan will not rub off on your clothes or sheets and bedding as much as self-tanner. Your skin tone will be even, resulting in fewer blemishes and imperfections.

It’s the perfect time to try something new! Airbrush tanning is becoming more popular for many reasons, but it has taken longer for people to start trying out. So now is the ideal time to give it a shot!

Let your skin say THANK YOU! 

So there you have it! Spring isn’t the only season for a tan! If you don’t feel like exposing yourself to harmful UV rays, this is a great alternative. As you can see, there are several reasons why fall/winter is the best time for an airbrush tan. It’s not just because it makes being tanned easier by avoiding harsh summer rays but also because you have more flexibility to be tanned while also staying warm!

We hope you will consider using an airbrush tanning in the fall/winter for these reasons and because it looks great and is the healthiest option out there!