Technology has evolved a lot and innovations are coming every day. It seems to be the right time to have electronic records in the healthcare industry. The use of the internet is very common. The biggest benefit of the electronic health record software is that the healthcare provider can access patients’ data from anywhere. This opens gates for remote counseling too. So, if a patient is unable to go to the hospital for a checkup then, he/she can fill the patient forms online.


The electronic health record vendors have programmed the electronic health record software in a way so that they are accessible from any device. You can access them through smartphones or personal computers too. With a laptop or PC, you can improve the counseling session as it adds to the speed. Physical forms, on the other hand, do not provide these facilities to healthcare providers and patients. So, it is better to ask electronic health record vendors for their services.


Using digital forms will not only improve productivity but patient care too. Moreover, the patient does not have to carry the medical records when going for a checkup. Another advantage of electronic medical records is that healthcare providers can share information easily. Whereas the paper forms are difficult to manage and increase inefficiency in any clinic or hospital. Here, in this article, you will know the benefits digital forms can bring to the healthcare industry.

Need For Electronic Patient Forms

Physical forms are available in every hospital and clinic even when hospitals have shifted to electronic records. The reason is the information stored on them. These forms contain personal information of patients and their medical history too. So, healthcare providers can not take risks to just throw them away. Physical forms require more space and that is why you often see the cabinets of hospitals and clinics full.


On the other hand, electronic records are easy to manage and store. You do not need cabinets to store them, they just need some space in your device. Even millions of electronic patient forms do not take much space in your storage disk. When you are using the cloud for storage then, you do not have to vacant your cabinets for physical forms. So, the storage of physical forms is not scalable and that is why there is a need to change them with electronic ones.

Limited Security

When it comes to the security of physical forms, the risk of information tampered with is high. Everyone can access them as they are just placed in a cabinet. The personal information of patients is at risk with physical forms. On the other hand, electronic forms are more secure and reliable. Only authorized persons can access them on the demand of the doctor. So, it is better to change physical forms with electronic ones as they have limited security.

No Backups

A physical form does not have any backup. Any unfortunate event can damage all the physical files. These events can occur in a hospital or clinic too. A fire can wipe out all the patient records if they are physical. Moreover, a glass of water can destroy a very important piece of information too. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to change physical forms with digital ones. Digital forms have got back up and that is why they are more secure.

Takes A Lot of Time

Hospitals and clinics are very busy. So, managing time is the key to providing excellent patient care. Time management can be very difficult with the physical forms. If the patient does not have all the necessary documents then, the procedure can take more time. With electronic forms, time management gets easy. Moreover, it improves patient care as he/she does not have to wait long for their turn. The efficiency of the clinic improves too.

Increased Chances of Errors

The manual written process not only takes time but increases the chances of making mistakes too. The most common example is the handwriting of doctors. Understanding the prescription can get tough to interpret which can lead to taking the wrong medicines. Whereas the use of electronic records lowers the chances of human errors. The prescription is not handwritten which makes it easy to understand. And finding a file from the system is also easier than searching a cabinet.