The manufacturing of semiconductors is a complex process that involves various hazardous gases. The establishment of proper safety measures in such manufacturing labs is vital for the workspace and workers’ safety. Laboratory areas and clean rooms come with a high demand for safety measurements in the semiconductor industry. The silicon wafers cannot be etched and processed without the presence of toxic chemicals and gases, which makes the process hazardous for humans. This post will explain why you should use gas detectors in semiconductor labs. Keep reading to know more!

Importance of Gas Detectors in Semiconductor Labs:

A gas detection system in a semiconductor lab ensures the safety of workers since there are corrosive agents involved. Without a sophisticated gas detection system, you are putting your lab workers at stake. It is necessary to detect flammable and toxic gases with the help of a proper gas safety system.

Gas Safety in Semiconductor Labs:

A gas monitoring system in such labs detects Asphyxiants and other toxic chemicals. Having a robust gas detection system in place will help you with the following points.

i) Control system:

The gas monitoring system always has an interface with the control system. The interface helps the system to shut down automatically or stops a process to contain the gas outflow. This feature ensures considerable security against hazardous gases.

ii) Alarm system:

The alarm system in the gas monitoring devices alerts the management about any threat lurking around. Since the devices detect toxic chemicals in the air, the alarm alerts personnel to take precautionary measures. They need to evacuate the space quickly to avoid any damage.

iii) Pinpoint emission area:

Once the alarm is ON, the rest of the workers will evacuate the space, but the technical team will watch out for the problem. To solve the issue and take control of the situation, they must know the problematic area. A gas detector can help in pinpointing the emission area to be taken care of.

If you are running a semiconductor lab, you need to take all these points seriously. If you are short on having a proper gas safety system in your lab, consider contacting gas detector suppliers in UAE today and opt for efficient gas detectors for your lab.

Gases used in a semiconductor lab:

A semiconductor lab is never free of hazardous gases, and these corrosive toxic and flammable chemicals are necessary for various manufacturing steps like etching and doping. Following is a detailed explanation of how a few tasks incorporate hazardous gases.

i) Gallium Arsenide ( GaAs) Doping:

Gallium Arsenide doping requires sulfur gas to be incorporated into the GaAs. However, it won’t happen without a gas that we consider toxic; the Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S).

ii) Carbon Tetrachloride:

Another source of toxic gas in the semiconductor industry is the liquid Carbon Tetrachloride. It is used in the plasma etching of silicon. You may think of its advantage, but it is nothing more than a source of chlorine gas.

Apart from these frequently used toxic gases in etching and doping, a few more are less commonly used but must not be overlooked. Here is a list of these toxic gases.

  • Phosphine Gas
  • Diborane Gas
  • Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) Gas
  • Dichlorosilane Gas
  • Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3)

Advantages of Using a Robust Gas Detection System:

A gas detection system in the semiconductor industry will always bring countless advantages for personnel and the workspace. Following are some of these advantages discussed.

i) Detection in process tools:

The piping jungle in various process tools contains hazardous gases like Arsine, Phosphine, and Diborane. A little prick could jeopardize the entire workspace and workers, and a leak that went unnoticed could cause a loss of products and damage to the environment.

ii) Continuous monitoring:

The gases, as mentioned earlier, are just a few of the whole lot. Since a semiconductor industry is full of hazardous gases, continuous monitoring is always necessary. Having a gas monitoring system will inform you about the early danger signs, protecting your workers and workspace from damage.

 iii) Cleanroom monitoring:

A cleanroom in the semiconductor industry is enclosed contamination-free space. The room contains modern-day machinery where processes take place. Pipes from this room connect to deposition and doping, and they must be contamination-free. A gas detection system in this room will ensure the safety of the entire room and workers.

All these advantages are not possible without a gas detection system. If you think you need these systems in your workspace, now is the time to contact safety equipment suppliers in UAE and place your order!

Make your industry hazard-free with gas detectors!

Industries often have hazardous gases and chemicals, causing problems for workers. You can protect your workers and workspace against these hazards by installing gas detectors in your industry. Consider buying them today for your workspace!