Two huge love hearts are that have been etched into the desert’s cape. Instagrammers delight that is almost surreal. But do they really exist? Do you really have the chance to look at these hearts? This is everything you need to be aware of concerning Love Lake (aka Love Lakes Dubai).

What’s Love Lake?

Since it opened in November 2018, Love Lake Dubai has been an amazing place to visit for those who have romance in their hearts. It’s a popular destination for singles, families, or young lovers, with each one leaving with at the very least a few Instagram-worthy photos of this spot.

It is situated in an arid desert referred to in the region of Al Qudra (Al Marmoon Desert Conservation Reserve), Love Lakes Dubai is a vast area that includes two heart-shaped lakes that are intertwined, with sand dunes surrounding them and animals.

The two lakes’ hearts encompass an area of more than 550,000 sq. m. The area is so huge that the design of the lakes is only seen from above. You won’t be disappointed by the time you’ll have here as each square inch is devoted to love. You will see the word “lo-v-e” written out, and heart-shaped signs and patterns everywhere you turn.

The idyllic locale continues to promote Dubai’s eco-tourism by making use of the natural beauty of nature to its fullest. It is a place where eco-friendly materials are employed in the most effective method, from signposts made of wooden boards to gateways, walls made of natural stones, as well as unique bamboo water basins.

In a faraway place from the bustling cities, Love Lakes Dubai is an oasis of peace to be surrounded by nature and relax. You’ll find here a variety of types of vibrant flowers and varieties of shrubs and more than 16,000 trees, such as olives and the most popular dessert tree, the ghaf.

What is there to accomplish in Love Lake?

Do you mean apart from taking stunning selfies and Instagram-worthy images in various locations near the lakes?

The track of rubber around the lakes, with stunning foliage, which is almost 7km long, allows for an enjoyable stroll or jog.

You can dip your feet in the shallow sections in the lake. There is a chance that you will see ducks and fish.

Take your binoculars to the park to observe birds as you look for native or even migratory birds. Or simply relax on the ‘love benches and listen to the birds sing.

Bring on the fire pits and have a great time enjoying an evening of barbecue with your loved ones or simply spread out your picnic table while your kids play on their bikes.

In addition this is the ideal spot to enjoy a stunning sunset with your family and friends. There are no tall buildings that limit views, you will enjoy unobstructed views of the gorgeous orange sky as the sunset goes down over dunes. Stay until sunset and you could be able to see the twinkling stars and constellations when you gaze upwards at the dark sky.

Things to know prior to going to Love Lake:

The use of drones to record aerial views of lakes is subject to prior approval and to have the appropriate documentation.

Feeding wildlife, including birds and fish is strictly forbidden.

It is not permitted to have barbecues and campfires with a light source at designated areas.

There isn’t any restaurant, cafe or drinking water facilities in the vicinity.

The facilities for washrooms are not as extensive. Available, and are located only in the car park.

Be sure to carry garbage bags for disposing of trash since littering in any form is prohibited and could endanger the environment.

If you are planning to stay until the night, it’s advised to wear warm clothing because it could get cold.

Love Lake Dubai Entry Fee

Fantastic news for outdoor enthusiasts, entrance to Love Lake Dubai is for free.

All you require is fuel for your vehicle along with plenty of batteries for the camera!

Love Lake Dubai Timings

It is possible to access the Love Lake is 24 hours.

Love Lake Dubai location

Love Lakes Dubai on the Al Qudra Road (D63) which is approximately a 45- minutes’ drive from Dubai. Al Qudra Road can be accessible via Dubai-Al-Ain Road (E66) or Emirates Road (E611), dependent on the direction you’re arriving from.

Here is the Complete Direction Of Love lake Dubai Location.

To avoid being lost, it’s recommended to use Google Maps to locate the place.

Two parking spaces there for parking. While some off-road driving around the lakes is possible, driving a 4×4 vehicle is not necessary to drive. If you are planning to go off-road through the adjacent desert region then a 4×4 vehicle is highly recommended.

Al Qudra Cycling track

The 86km bike track can be described as a favored spot for Dubai’s cyclists as well as fitness fans. It is said to be among the most prestigious cycling tracks in the UAE You will see beginners, leisure cyclists and top athletes on this track. Start your journey at sunrise to get a cool morning breeze while admiring the stunning landscapes of the desert.

It is not necessary to have an electric bicycle to take advantage of the tracks. You can rent one at the Trek UAE bicycle store, located near close to Al Qudra Road. If you already own one there are two beginning places, both of which have dedicated parking spaces for your automobiles. The track is a favorite among amateur and professional riders alike, and is frequently visited by groups and individuals of friends.

The track has benches and shaded areas to take breaks. You will also have restrooms in the shops for rental. A large portion of the track isn’t lit in the darkness therefore make sure to plan before you go.

Al Qudra Lake

The area is comprised of artificial lakes that are surrounded by sand dunes, providing an idyllic setting for barbeque or stargazing as well as camping overnight. Campsites. The artificial lake is home to a variety of species of birds, as well as wildlife. You can observe black swans and the flamingos and ducks, and if you’re lucky, maybe even some gazelles roaming free.

Al Qudra is open for all hours of the day and has a camping site, one of the top in the UAE at no cost.

Al Qudra Last Exit

If you are looking to satisfy your cravings for food this location offers food and snack options to choose from. It is set in an equestrian style the restaurant includes a drive-through as well as seating outside, while you pick up your food on one of the mobile food carts designed to resemble horses’ trailers.

Al Qudra Last Exit also has restroom facilities. It’s accessible from 9:00 am until 10:00 pm.

Where can I stay close to Love Lake

While camping overnight isn’t allowed on Love Lake, there are campsites within Al Qudra (both BYO tent and tour groups organized by).