How can you get the best bricklaying results? Getting the right type of sand is essential, and there is no sand that is better suited to bricklaying and building construction than brickies sand. The effect that using high-quality brickies sand in Perth can have on your project cannot be understated. With enhanced blending and bonding characteristics due to its relatively high clay content, this sand provides the perfect mortar for a wide range of projects including landscaping, building and construction. Make sure you use a leading sand supplier in Perth like Premium Allsands to ensure that your sand is high-quality and competitively priced.

So, what is brickies sand and why do bricklayers favour it so much? Read on to find out more about whether this sand is right for your project.

Why do professional bricklayers choose brickies sand?

Brickies sand is the sand of choice for most professional bricklayers because it has the ideal composition for blending mortar. High quality mortar simplifies the bricklaying process because it is is stickier and easy-to-work, making walls easier to build and bricks easier to lay. It is also used for drying purposes and the high clay content causes water to be repelled and as such more stable bonds to be produced. The uses for this sand are numerous and can be used for any project where a sand with medium clay content is required. Some such applications include wall construction, sports arenas, roof capping, agricultural uses, limestone, fields and sand joints.

What are the different types of brickies sand?

Bricklayer sand comes in several varieties, with distinct colorations and optimal uses. The most common varieties are yellow, red and white.

Yellow brickie sand

With higher levels of clay, this yellow sand is ideal for bricklaying and masonry applications. The mortar is easier to work with and it is stickier than other varieties as the water-repellent properties are greater. It is frequently referred to as fatty sand due to its clay content. Landscaping applications are another common use, particularly for outdoor pools.

Red brickie sand

The big drawcard for this sand (apart from its red colour) is that it is comparatively lightweight when compared to other varieties. As such, it is commonly used for landscaping applications as well as mortar production and brick cement mixes.

White brickie sand

With its clean look, easy-to-work properties and ability to mix well with concrete, white brickies sand is always a product in high demand. This tends to be used for aesthetic reasons and it provides a brighter finish than other varieties. If a lighter joint colouration for brick or block work is needed, this is the sand to choose.

Choose the top sand supplier in Perth

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