After a car accident, you may talk to many people, including the other drivers, witnesses, police, the insurance company, and medical workers. Many people will want you to answer questions and you should try to answer them.

However, you should never admit fault after a car accident, no matter the circumstances. If you want your car accident lawyer Portland Oregon to help you, it’s always best if you never admit fault. Below is more information.

You should never admit fault after the accident because it simply may not be true. It can be hard after a crash to determine who did what and who is at fault. It’s common for people after an accident to accept blame for something they didn’t do.

For instance, if another driver rear-ends you, you could say you’re sorry that you stopped too fast. But in most of these accidents, the driver in the rear is at fault.

In the end, admitting fault for an accident you didn’t cause could hurt your claim. Under most state laws, you can pursue compensation with your car accident lawyer Portland Oregon even if you were partially at fault for the crash.

The more blame you get for the crash, the less money you may get, so it’s always best to never take about fault for the accident. Leave it to your attorney and the insurance company.

You also could get a traffic violation citation or hike in insurance premium because you admitted fault for a crash you didn’t cause.

Remember that the police and insurance companies will always get to the bottom of who caused the accident. So, providing your opinion isn’t relevant and only can hurt your claim.

Another thing you shouldn’t do after the accident is to forget to collect evidence. If you are physically able, some of the things that you should obtain after the accident are:

  • The contact information for witnesses: It’s important to get the accounts from witnesses as soon as you can after the accident. Their memories are freshest in the first few hours, so get as much information as you can and write it down.
  • Get the other driver’s contact information: You should get their name, phone, insurance information, and license plate number. When you are getting this information, you should not talk about the accident or who is at fault.
  • A copy of the police report: The police officer should give you a copy of the police report, which could contain helpful information if the other driver is cited for the accident. Also, get the badge number of the police officer who wrote the report.
  • Use your smartphone camera to take photos of the accident scene. You should take pictures of the cars, damages, positions of the cars, and your injuries. Take videos of the whole crash scene if possible.

Having all of this information for your car accident attorney increases the chances that you will be compensated. The side with the most compelling evidence always wins in settlement negotiations or court. Anything you can do to help your attorney will help your case.

Next, you should not agree to a fast settlement. If the other driver caused the accident, you can expect a phone call from their insurance company quickly. They may offer you a low settlement to make the case go away.

They may want the case to go away and get you to sign away your rights so it costs them less money. The goal of the insurance company is to pay as little as possible. But you need to look out for your interests by never taking the first offer.

You should rely on your attorney to enter settlement negotiations with the insurance company. They do this every day and know how to value a claim based on your injuries and property damages.

If you keep these things in mind, you will have a better chance of getting a larger settlement in a car accident. Always talk to an attorney as soon as possible after the accident to ensure you get proper compensation for your injuries.