Fantasy cricket is a strategy-based virtual sports game. Here, you create a virtual team of cricketers that are currently playing in real matches worldwide. The performances of these players in real-time matches determine the points and scores you receive. The goal is to select the 11 best possible players out of the teams playing on that given day and eventually score more points than your competitors.

Players of a cricket fantasy league can virtually partake in regular, real-time cricket events such as T20, ODI & Tests across various domestic leagues, international tournaments, and ICC matches. Many think that fantasy sports are just games of luck, but this is far from the truth. It is a skill-based game that requires excellent critical thinking, analytical and predictive skills. 

Fantasy sports tend to differ from their real sports counterparts in many ways. To gain a good understanding of the game, you require proper knowledge of real-time cricket, alongside additional research on the rules and regulations of the fantasy sport. Such diligence enables better strategizing and a greater chance at victory. You can also reap the following benefits.  

Put Your Cricket Skills to Use

Amidst the chaos of everyone’s busy lifestyle, many people lose out on pursuing hobbies and things they love to do. Sports enthusiasts who hone a lot of knowledge about cricket but can not channel it use fantasy cricket as an outlet. All they need to do is learn a little more about the rules, and they are all set to showcase their skills!

Win Cash Prizes

Playing fantasy cricket is heavily incentivised by its attractive cash prizes. As your team earns points throughout the game, you can track their performance on the leaderboard and stay updated on your rank. The cash prize is awarded to those ranked in a high position in one or more matches. Therefore, many fantasy cricket players keep track of cricket match odds online to determine their chances of winning.

Get a Different Perspective 

As mentioned before, many people love to play cricket and indulge in it. When involving yourself in fantasy sports, you can see a completely different side of it, and what is happening on the back-end. It can lend people some perspective on how to create a good team in the first place. While the players’ skill is an integral part of any sport, the players’ strategy and amalgam are not seen enough through the real-time sport. For true sports enthusiasts, fantasy sport is a treat as their cricket knowledge is deepened through it.

Engaging and Creating a Community

While the community of the fantasy sport has competition because everyone is looking to win the match and get the cash prize, it also fosters relationships between like-minded people. When playing this fantasy sport, you are engaging with a cohort of people who share the same sentiments and feelings towards the sport as you do. It creates a sense of community and can even develop into virtual friendships. 

As mentioned before, fantasy sport on its own is an excellent way for people to decompress. But the camaraderie amongst fellow players makes the experience all the more relaxing. It is the perfect escape for those who want to detach themselves from the stress after a long, hard day at work. 

Enhances Analytical Skills

Although you do need to be strategic and analytical to start with fantasy sports in the first place, it is no surprise that your skills continue developing over time. To win rewards and cash prizes, one needs to learn how to turn data into insights and apply this knowledge to any situation their team lands in. Such expertise requires players with good decision-making skills, a result-oriented attitude, and excellent time management as these decisions need to be made quickly. 

Earn Bragging Rights 

Bonding over fantasy sports with someone is always a delight for those who are heavily involved in it. Winning in specific matches surely earns you bragging rights and ways to poke fun at your friends and other players. This bravado, yet again, is an excellent representation of how fantasy cricket can be a stress buster for people and give them something to connect over. 

Therefore, it is evident that fantasy cricket has a plethora of benefits. Once you start your fantasy league journey, you slowly but surely pick up all the necessary skills and build an undefeatable team. Along the way, you also make some lifelong friends with carefully honed analytic skills that help you in every sphere of life!

FantasyBet makes this experience even more exciting for you with our Predict and Win feature that enables you to have an immersive experience.  We combine this with extensive fantasy sports-related information, keeping you updated on all the latest news so that you can ensure your team’s success! All the best!