Cloud computing is one of the modern technologies which is growing fast as compared to other new technologies. As per the predictions by Oracle Cloud, almost 80% of all enterprise work activities will shift to Cloud technologies by 2025. One of the basic features that has been offered by Cloud Computing is to share and store data in the cloud so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the help of an internet connection only.

Cloud Computing Market:

As people are getting more focused on Cloud Computing, so they are enjoying the benefits of Cloud services including storing, accessing their data from anywhere in the world and also sharing access. Due to its ease of access and cost-effectiveness, Cloud Computing has been adapted by all the companies day by day. Thus, Cloud Computing has become one of the biggest industries which have generated billions of dollars in revenue every year with thousands of job opportunities. There are lots of big companies which are offering unique cloud services to their customers throughout the world like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace. Microsoft Azure has already gained 29% application workload of the overall cloud market.

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is presently the second largest Cloud service provider. As a Cloud Computing platform, it also works as an online portal which can be used to manage and access different resources and services that Microsoft offers to its clients.

Azure Certification Courses:

Microsoft Azure Certification courses will teach the candidate about several aspects of Microsoft Azure and after completing the course program successfully, it will award you with a certification. There are various options and opportunities to do the certification course on Azure as per your choice, level of experience, career goals and what exactly you want to learn to increase your knowledge and skills. To get more flexibility, you can even learn these courses online as per your time. Some of the popular Microsoft Azure Certification courses after completing of which the candidate can able to get good job opportunities are Azure Architect Certification( AZ- 301 and AZ – 300), Azure Administrator Associate (AZ – 100 and AZ – 101) and Azure Developer Associate (AZ- 203) Training courses.

Why you should do the Microsoft Azure Certification Program Course?

A Microsoft Certificate will always make the candidate stand out among the competition and when it comes to Azure certification program; it would definitely help you to get a good job in the cloud computing industry. Over the past few years, the demand for the certified professionals has been increased drastically. Over 57% of Fortune 500 Companies are now using Microsoft Azure and more than 1000 new sign-ups for Azure occurs every day.

With the above statistics, it is very clear that due to the popularity of Microsoft Azure, the demand and requirement for the skilled persons in Azure will continue to grow. So, obtaining Azure certification in various aspects should be considered as the prime step to achieve your career goal. There are so many other advantages of taking the Azure certification course.

Benefits of Azure Certification Course:

Career Flexibility: If you want to pursue your career in Cloud computing, then Microsoft Azure certifications are very essential and it offers flexible career options. Microsoft Azure certification will help you to get secure job roles like Cloud Developer, Azure Administrator, Security Engineer, Solutions Architect, Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer and AI Engineer. Microsoft Azure provides nine different role-based certifications which will increase your versatility in the industry in which you are working. There are huge benefits incorporated with the use of Cloud Computing and most of the businesses are shifting their work activities towards Cloud technologies. With the certification course, you may able to find yourself developing, managing and implementing cloud services in different industries like healthcare, insurance, finance, government or banking. Certified professionals whether they did Azure Architect Certification or Azure Developers course, you can find themselves working all over the world including UK, United States, India, Germany, Italy, France and so on.

Career Growth with Higher Salary Package: Another important reason to get Microsoft Azure Certification is the higher salaries with better recognition in the market. If you are a Microsoft Azure certified professional, then your certificate will show your skillset and knowledge that you have. With the high demand for Cloud Computing candidates, you can able to earn better packages all over the planet as compared to any other IT fields. The average salary of an Azure Developer in India is Rs. 15,00,000 per year. However, fresher levels start at 8,05,000 per year whereas experienced professionals can earn up to 24,00,000 per year. So, the salary will be increased when your position or designation will increase gradually towards senior professionals. However, the salary ranges vary in different countries and in different areas of the world.

Structured Learning: The structured learning methods in the Microsoft Azure certification course will lead you to learn about various tools in an easy way. Candidates who will do certification course can able to find many Azure tools like GitHub, Hadoop, Eclipse etc. which are easy to learn and adapt by the new candidates in the Azure platform and services with simplicity.

With this, fresh learning candidates can improve their Azure learning as well as a career path with more brief and faster learning methods. Today there are lots of online sources for the Azure courses and information like ebooks, tutorials and other courses to learn about the practical and theoretical concepts of Azure services.

Vital Asset for Any Organization: With your proven expertise in Azure, you could be a very important asset for the company and can able to enhance the business growth. Microsoft Azure certification leverages the benefits of profitability from Azure Cloud environment. As compare to other Cloud offers in the market, Azure provides a complete association between on-premises data centers and the cloud mainly for the small and medium sized businesses can grab the benefits of hosting their infrastructure completely on the cloud. An Azure Architect Certification holder can help the business to easily scale and travel their work activities from on-premises to the cloud to decrease significant costs.

Proper Security and Safety Offers: With the help of the Microsoft Azure Security technologies certification, better security offerings can be achieved. As an Azure Security engineer, you would be responsible for managing and securing cloud based solutions and can also able to secure hybrid cloud solutions as t is the part of an end-to-end infrastructure. Microsoft Azure provides one of the best security protocols along with the security tools which is known as Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) which will guarantee you for the total security and protection for the hosted services and application on Azure.

So, with the rapid adoption of Microsoft Azure, it can be expected that:

  • Maximum customers’ interaction will be automated.
  • Productivity will increase in a huge way
  • The developer’s community will be expandable upto 10X.
  • Data will be managed autonomously with more than 50%.