Old School RuneScape also known as OSRS / RS 2007, an improved version of the 2007 RuneScape, is an MMORPG developed by Jaggex in 2013 which in 2018 was also released for mobile phones.

With the mobile release of this game, the player count has drastically improved. While the PC version has around 3K players daily, the mobile version averages around 50K every day.


Why is OSRS Mobile So Popular?

Mobile gaming has become so huge with new and big games, and it being so readily available, you might be wondering what games deserve your time. There are countless titles in the app store and play store, yet some of them managed to stand out and made their name in the mobile platform.

MMORPG games such as, OSRS are one of the most popular and highly prominent in the entire gaming industry. The reason behind this is pretty simple, you are supposed to grind your skills, gold, and levels in an MMORPG game for which the mobile platform is perfect. You can progress through the game even when you are taking a nice walk in the park, how convenient!


Mobile Gaming Experience

Old School RuneScape is an experience like no other, especially if you are a mobile gamer. The mobile version of the game, unlike the dreadful mechanics of auto-playing RuneScape, where you can pay your way to win, is just pure MMO gameplay that makes it so hard not to fall in love with.

However, playing OSRS or any other MMORPG game in general is quite intimidating if you have never laid your hands on a game of this genre. The amount of content in this game may seem over whelming to a beginner, but there is no right or wrong way to play. You can play it however you see fit, whether it’s slaying demons, going on quests, crafting, cooking or just simply grinding your skills, the game offers all of this and then some.



OSRS is a free-to-play game, although this will only get you access to a standard experience, which is, in of itself, more than enough for a beginner to explore. While premium users can get their hands on everything that the game has to offer, the vast world and seemingly endless content.

With standard you get access to 20% of the world, and they contain small portion of variety of resources, which makes natural resources such as, wheat, log and fish to be produced at a low level, thus making it harder to earn money and train. All this grinding at low level can exhaust you and may even bore you if you just wanted to play for fun, but if you want the full experience without all that hard grinding there is a way.

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