With news of the vaccine out, things are looking up in 2021. However, work life has seemingly changed forever. Work-from-home culture is here to stay and now is a great time to buy office furniture online and set up your ideal office at home. At Looking Good Furniture, we give ultimate priority to quality, luxury furniture at affordable prices and that is exactly what we offer you with our range of office furniture.

We offer beautiful yet functional furniture that are ergonomic and complement your posture – so you can be comfortable and tackle all that work throws at you with ease!
Read on to discover a few flagship products that are additions to your home office.

  1. Breeze Office Table worth Rs. 7,250 and sold at a fantastic price of Rs. 5,220

With ideal space for your laptop, stationery, and personal items, this table is a great fit in your home office. Made with top-quality materials, this table also comes with adequate storage spaces and ample room for your legs & chair to sit comfortably.

Jazz Office Chair worth Rs. 10,250, available at a steal for Rs. 7,380

We all know how essential the right chair is to getting work done. With the Jazz office chair, your productivity will flow smoothly through the day. Say goodbye to back aches and stressed postures, and say hello to easy comfort through the day. This ergonomic chair is designed to help you sit for long hours if needed, and comes with state of the art neck & back support that can be adjusted as per your comfort. Buy office chairs online from Looking Good Furniture.

  1. Wall-Office Table worth Rs. 6,490, available at an amazing price of Rs. 4,720

If you do not have too much space and just want a cozy corner to work, read, or be productive, this table is the perfect addition to your home. Made with a pre-laminated engineered wood base, this office table gives you the support & comfort you need, without taking up too much space. It also offers ample storage space and room for your system as well as your arms. It also serves as a comfortable addition to your child’s bedroom.

These were just some of the flagship office furniture products we have. Set up your ideal productivity space with a variety of office desks, office tablesoffice reception tables and side tables. For more exciting offers, visit our stores or buy furniture online from our website.

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