Are you confused about choosing an MCA degree after your graduation? Do you know what this amazing degree if pursued by the Best Universities for MCA in Delhi can offer you? Read the full article to get all your doubts cleared and go in one direction of studying for such a great degree and explore the eligibility, curriculum, career options after MCA, the future scope and the top 10 benefits of studying for an MCA degree.

MCA is an abbreviation of a 2-year post-graduation course (comprising four semesters, 2 in each year) Master of Computer Application. It focuses on advanced theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the development of computer applications and programming languages. 

A degree in MCA helps you to attain skills to develop such technical tools that enhance the working of those computer applications. With the growing demand for skilled IT professionals in the market, the MCA course started gaining popularity among students as well as recruiters. There are various colleges and universities that allow you to study an integrated MCA programme i.e, a dual degree in the form of a bachelor+masters.

Overall, as the name suggests, MCA deals with specializations obtained in computer programming and applications that can be developed during the course or after studies with the help of this technical knowledge. 

The MCA degree trains you with a variety of specializations including Application Software, Management Information Systems (MIS), Internet Systems, Hardware Technology, and Networking. All of these specializations make you an ideal candidate for a successful career in IT majors.

So, what are the key features of the course?

Eligibility Criteria

This is a postgraduate degree programme that you can opt for after the completion of your BCA, B. Sc. or B. Com. degrees. Not having any of these degrees? Not to worry as if you have completed a simple BA degree in Mathematics even then you can apply for MCA. Some universities or colleges may require you to have obtained 45-60% minimum marks in the Bachelor’s degree with at least 50-55% in Class XII.

Skills Required in MCA

The skills required to pursue an MCA degree include 

  • Good communication
  • A positive attitude
  • Strong technical skills
  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Awareness of tech trends

Admission Criteria

Some of the Best Universities for MCA in Delhi/colleges conduct their own entrance exams to accept admissions for MCA like UPSEE, TANCET, NIMCET, and VIT MEE and at the same time, other universities have set some specific admission criteria comprising merit lists or personal interviews, etc.  

Expectation After MCA

E-commerce, government organisations, security companies and other sectors need highly skilled MCA professionals.  Being a talented technical professional you will provide hardware support, technical design services, and web development services and perform several other on-job duties in these top companies. 

Top 10 Benefits of Studying MCA Course

A university for MCA in Delhi imparts the knowledge of four chief topics viz. the core computers, the mathematics behind computer science, systems science, and software design or development. Besides this, you will get the following advantages after studying for the MCA degree:

  1. Technical knowledge: As mentioned above, the Master of Computer Application equips you with in-depth knowledge about the technical aspects of computer systems. Thus, the degree holds great value in terms of technical knowledge and understanding.
  2. A Degree with Higher Scope: As you get to know at the start of this article, the professionals with an MCA degree are the top picks of the companies related to the fields of Information Technology (IT), Engineering, and Medical Sciences. What all these fields need is advanced knowledge in the working of computer systems. If you have all the relevant skills, several tech giants in India will have offers for you for multiple job openings and good job profiles. Meaning that, with the exact skill set and the right amount of experience, you can find several job opportunities and that too on high pay scales.
  3. Scope Outside India: How obvious does it become for us to earn a good reputation and a handsome salary with our knowledge and experience? Isn’t it? As far as MCA is concerned, doing this degree from a recognized and Best Private University in Gurgaon or Delhi NCR opens various career paths not only in India but abroad. Many universities have tie-ups with international universities or other organizations that offer you an international study option or internship abroad. Isn’t it the biggest advantage of pursuing technical courses?
  4. Industrial Value: The IT sector always gives top priority to professionals with a master’s degree in computer application over other short-term certifications or courses. So, if you will hold an MCA degree, then you could be able to execute various tasks such as software development, designing both web and mobile applications, and database management, to name a few. All in all, the organizations prefer to hire a single hand to perform various tasks instead of recruiting a few different employees to function on small individual tasks.
  5. An abundance of Knowledge: Nowadays, possessing technical knowledge about modern trends or technology means being available for millions of opportunities. Additionally, this helps you in understanding the changing modern innovations. 

So, it not only educates you but also provides strong analytical as well as logical knowledge, further helping them to become the skilful and confident individuals of tomorrow.

  1. Employment Opportunities: Possessing a Master of Computer Applications, you get various lucrative career opportunities in the ever-evolving sector of Information Technology. Additionally, MCA being a professional degree has an upper edge over other candidates. You may see that even in office set-ups, an MCA professional has been found to be better equipped for good counsel.
  2. Higher Pay Packages: Earning a whopping package after a successful MCA degree, is a dream of every young graduate. Isn’t it? So, with an MCAm you can easily secure jobs with high pay scales in major or multi-national companies. Some organizations can pay you an average starting salary of Rs. 2.5 lakh and Rs. 3.5 lakh. Whereas, this number can increase in other organizations. However, your knowledge and experience really matter in deciding your pay scale. 

So, it is good to explore and choose the right university for pursuing MCA in order to gain expertise and skill set from the very beginning as only a good university/college can determine your future job opportunities. 

  1. Societal Inputs to Inculcate CSR Values: Along with technical competencies, a university enriches the MCA course students by inculcating social values among them. This means that social responsibility is included in the degree course in order to create social awareness and develop values and environmentally-friendly behaviour among the students.
  2. Updated Curriculum: MCA degree course is designed as a two-year course that is divided into four semesters in these 2 years and the new and advanced syllabus in the course promotes digitization and virtualization in imparting quality education along with smart & intelligent tools. The MCA programme focuses on:
  • Project Based Learning
  • Hands-on Latest Technologies
  • Industry Internship 
  • Personality Grooming for enhancing your computing skills in the IT world

Other than this, the curriculum includes:

  • Overview of C
  • Constants
  • Variables & Data Types
  • Operators and expressions
  • Discrete Mathematical Structure
  • Introduction to DBMS
  • Architecture
  • Administration roles
  • Data dictionary
  • Traditional models
  • Three-level architecture,
  • Hierarchical model 
  • Overview of The UNIX Operating System 
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Software life cycles
  • Linear Programming-Simplex Method
  • Duality Method
  • Assignment Problem
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java and a few more concepts
  1. Placement Opportunities: Various Multinational Companies viz. Wipro Infotech Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Siemens Information Systems Ltd, ONGC Corporation Limited, Asian Paints Pvt Ltd, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd, Samsung, Intel, and various others often visit the universities to recruit eligible candidates through campus placement drives. The placement team of these universities is dedicated to making the students ready for the placements through proper guidance and meeting the expectations of recruiters precisely.


Best Universities for MCA in Delhi provide well-equipped computer labs with quality hardware and software, a well-stocked library, dedicated faculty and quality infrastructure. All of these features not just technically nurture you but also groom you professionally with the finest communication and presentation skills.