In Islam women are advised to dress with simplicity and modesty. Women should wear clothing that does not reveal any part of her body or its not tight enough that shows the body shape. At this level women are advised to do as we say Veil  in Islam. Hijab is not just a piece of clothing it’s a sense of security she wears around her head.

  • “And tell the believing women to reduce of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which appears thereof and to wrap their head-covers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, fathers, sons, husband’s sons, brothers, brother’s son, sister’s sons…” [Qur’an 24:31]

In this verse it is told that women are to look down whenever they see a man and they should lower their gaze and should not look directly to the man and they should hide their private parts and do not expose them or any kind of jewelry or andorements should also not be worn by women other than head covers over their chest they can wear endorsements in front of their husbands wife father and brothers other than they are not allowed to expose themselves in public. The restriction of cover is very much clear in Islam which every women should follow. As hijab is one of the compulsory things told in Islam other than you can wear loose clothes that do not show your body parts or make them obvious


10 reasons why muslim women wear hijab :

There are many reasons why Muslim women wear hijab one of the most major reason is that it is told by  Allah almighty that women should wear hijab or cover themselves because this is the command given to old woman in order to protect them and to keep them safe for their husband brother and fathers. So here are some reasons you can say major reasons why Muslim women wear hijab as we asked Some of the Canada hijabs why they wear hijab So following are the reason why women wear hijab.

  • For modesty

This is one of the most common reason why women wear hijab but this isn’t a sole reason why many women wear hijab but this is one of the most important women wear hijab to cover their heads or HAIR which can be tempting for other people such as some men they find women with beautiful hair tempting. .We can say women hair is considered as her crown and hijab is the piece of her modesty on her crown other part include wearing loose clothes so that it does not show your body parts or it does not reveal your private parts. So most of the women wear hijab for their modesty because Quran advises us to wear or to dress with modesty because it is said and it has been always followed by old previous women of the previous ages and our role models such as PROPHET wife used to wear hijab and cover themselves completely .

  • To be closer to God

One of the major reasons why women wear hijab is to be closer to God because hijab is not just a piece of cloth and it can be hard to put your feelings to the word what hijab.  is basically for some people but to say an easy word hijab is something that brings you closer to God. Hijab gives us spiritual satisfaction that makes us feel that we are closer to God just like someone may feel they are closer to God wearing across or any other people from any religion they are always something that make them think they are closer to God same for Muslim women it is hIjab. Because if you are wearing hijab it gives you mental satisfaction that’s why you should wear hijab and that is the reason why muslim women wear hijab most commonly.

  • Female empowerment

In this world where women’s beauty is being sold and every woman is being judged by her beauty many women nowadays decide to cover themselves in  rebellion. women decide to wear hijab as a symbol of their women empowerment Latest they take party control with who they want to share their beauty with . Moreover women decide to choose themselves rather than showing their beauty to someone they do not even know or do not even care about themselves they support women empowerment by such as hijab is there key as it makes them strong.

  • For feeling protected

Hijab is just like an external symbol to all the men that by women have faith and thud we can hold our self for our faith. Hijab shows that we women take our faith very seriously and you cannot make fun of us or use us however you want of course sometimes IR behavior give them the idea but his job is the statement without words it give women the sense of security and they feel protected from the outside world it makes them feel like everyone who will look at them will look at respect because they will see she wears hijab or she is a hijabi

  • Confidence

Some women wear hijab as the symbol of their confidence and they feel confident whenever they wear hijab because it gives them confidence automatically to stand out in public but some women usually lose confidence whenever they were hijab Muslim women get more confidence when they were they were hijab because they know that the eyes looking at them is not looking at them with lustful gaze it’s respect so hijab give them a confidence and they are proud to be who they are that is why they were hijab.

  • Comfort

Some women wear hijabs in Canada because it makes them feel comfortable wearing in hijab once you get used to wearing hijab and whenever you do not wear it you feel uncomfortable and weird with all the reasons combined it makes you feel comfortable wearing hijab.

For some people wearing loose clothes they feel comfortable and for some people wearing tight clothes they feel comfortable so for some people same as wearing hijab or when they wear hijab they feel comfortable in public.

  • Convenience

Some Muslim women wear hijab for their convenience such as when you go out or work in an office of 24 hours or 12 hour shift you have to pray 5 times a day and the one who prays 5 times a day it is very inconvenient for that person 2 wear hijab again and again for every time of prayer so some women prefer to wear hijab for the inconvenience so they can easily pray and they do not have to do proper dressing every-time and it  makes it easier and saves much of their time

  • For external declaration of faith

Some women  wear hijab Are there external declaration of faith they wanted to show the world that they are Muslims and they are not afraid to show their identity as a Muslim some women use it as a display of their religion and with it they want to help other people realise that Muslim women are strong and they want to set a good example for other women so they can do a job as well because it is not a hard thing to practise once you start doing it it is easier everyday and it becomes the part of your daily life.

  • To come closer to God

Some women wear hijab because they want to be closer to God as there are many verses which states that Allah likes the woman who cover themselves and wear hijab or hide a beauty in front of the world or men who are not there husband brother or father because add many occasions the order for cover has been strictly told and it has been clearly stated that hijab was for highly women and and whoever women wear hijab is considered as highly women.

  • For themselves

Some women wear hijab for themselves for their peace for their mental satisfaction for their soulful satisfaction because they want to be known on identified as a hijabi person.

Some women like to wear hijab and cover themselves so they wear hijab themselves and they feel As a strong independent woman and they feel comfortable and many more reasons they want to do it for themselves even the women who are non Muslims tried to wear hijab for themselves for the sense of security so we should motivate women around us and set a good example to them to do hijab