1. While you can do all the enamel-style dots you want, why not experiment with different shapes? While drawing, feel free to experiment with colour combinations. Don’t forget that you can draw fun things as well. 

2. Simply draw a rectangle around an item, such as a photo or embellishment cluster, and you have a frame. Alternatively, doodle it for fun borders.

3. There are two things to keep in mind here. First, did you know that you can draw with Nuvo drops from Tonic Studio on a nonstick craft mat (or a sheet of plastic packaging, or a glass mat) and then lift the pieces off the mat to use as a stand-alone embellishment? Second, some of the drops become clear or translucent after drying. You can use these to create a stained glass effect or to mimic actual glass.

4. Have you ever considered writing with your drops? Titles, greetings, and word embellishments are all options. You can either free draw or use this tip: Clear plastic should be used to protect a printed sheet of words. Then, on the plastic, trace the words. Allow 24-48 hours for drying (more is better). Then you can incorporate these phrases into your projects.

5. Similarly, you can make your own puffy alphas in the same way. For this, we can prefer tracing so that your letters are consistently shaped and sized.

6. You can design your own flair badge embellishments. Top with Morning Dew (clear!) and a punched image from patterned paper. For an epoxy-like finish, use crystal drops.

7. If you repeat the process with very small punches, you’ll get a “fancy” style enamel dot look. Just make sure to use temporary adhesive and a craft mat. Stick your punches to the adhesive first, followed by your drops. This will keep your pieces from moving around and forcing you to touch them. That ruins the finish of the drop.

8. Another possibility is to replicate acrylic pieces. Three layers of cardstock must be punched or die-cut. Glue the layers together and then add you’re clear drops on top. The added thickness of the multiple layers gives it the appearance of acrylic.

9. Proceed to apply your drops to various stencils. You can mix and match drop colours, use a mask under the stencil to keep a portion open, and even combine multiple ideas for added interest. Just remember to immediately wash your stencil. If you allow the Nuvo drops to dry on your stencils, they will “clog” and ruin your stencil.

10. Have you used a heat-embossing and ink-resist technique before? This is the same thing, but simpler. Simply draw, stencil, or write an image onto your project. Allow drying overnight before applying water-based inks the next day. To remove any excess ink, lightly buff your Nuvo shapes with a tissue. Then you have pretty, colourful designs.