Staircases connect the floors in your home, but they’re far more than that. Their presence is loud and attention-grabbing, so when you’re building your home, you have to ensure this focal area is carefully highlighted with precision, design, and style.

The choice between a traditional, modern, or contemporary staircase depends on the architecture of your home — whatever you choose, here are a few design ideas that’ll make your staircase a work of art.

Pure Glass

A glass staircase is the default option for minimalistic and modern homes that want to speak volumes with less décor and interior design. A refined, crystal clear style that focuses on the sleekness of simplicity, this stairway will become a focal point of your spacious home, instantly relaxing and destressing anyone who gazes upon it. Its elegance is unmatched. For the loudest statement, choose frameless stair rail glass by Shower Door of Dallas that ensures structural strength and integrity of the staircase with its tempered glass.

Sculptural Elegance

Let your staircase symbolize magnificence and creativity by opting for an old-world design. Spirals and intricate patterns that show florals and curves will always be a go-to for homes that want a regal touch. A stairway that’s luxurious and bold will breathe an air of elegance into your home that’s deep-rooted, magical, and simply divine.

a wooden staircase

Big City Vibes

Country vibes combined with modern appeal make for a stairway that’s everything perfect. Choose wooden slabs for stairs for a farmhouse look, and add in some city vibes with framed stair-rail glass.

Reach out to Shower Doors of Dallas and ask their experts which finish, patterns and style will be perfect for the woodwork staircase you’re working with.

Wood, White, and Glass

Interior design principles discuss the elegant impact we get from working with dark and white elements. Use that here as you paint the base of the staircase crisp white, install deep brown wooden stairs, and use a frameless stair rail glass for a modern finish. Always hire glass experts when installing railings to ensure the use of premium-quality tempered glass that’s safe and reliable.

a modern staircase

Whimsy and Winding

Winding staircases are whimsy and magical. Give your home a soft look with a subtle and shapely staircase. A traditional favorite, this style has been used for ages and is still a favorite choice among homeowners.

Suspended Sophistication

Who says modern staircases can’t be stylish? If you want to add a wow-worthy connection to your home’s upper floor, go with a staircase with suspended stairs and a pristine framed stair rail with glass. A sight to see, behold, and marvel at, this stairway is not merely a work of art; it’s also a reminder of how far we’ve come with building magnificent architecture.

Glass Wall Elegance

Minimalistic to the core, this stairway style is chic, simple, and harmonious. You’ll make your home an artistic masterpiece by installing pure black stairs and a sleek glass wall for a statement-worthy look. Superior and loud, this staircase’s glass wall elegance will shadow everything else in a subtle trance. If you have a high-ceiling minimalistic home, this one’s for you.

Modern Haven

We all know free-standing staircases are purely modern and chic, but there’s so much we can do with them. Make this your stairway to heaven by opting for cement flooring and beautiful LED backlights, and complete the look with professionally installed framed stair rail glass.

Mediterranean Sleekness

If your home is a vacation spot with soft and dreamy Mediterranean vibes, you need a staircase reflecting that feeling. So, get your builders to install Mediterranean staple terracotta tiles and styled mosaic tiles on the stairs. The handrails can show patterned metal designs or clear framed glass.

Neutral and Whimsy

Want to add a pop of all things whimsical to your staircase? Go with whimsical stair patterns that are loud enough to be noticed, and pair them with a contemporary stair rail that’s simple, quiet, and neutral. It’ll divert focus on the crafty pattern without making it “too much” to deal with. In this particular staircase, the need to strike a balance is necessary, so the contrasting elements don’t conflict.

Funky Geometric

How about making use of geometric shapes to make your staircase more attention-grabbing? Go with triangular or hexagonal-shaped floating trends and add a black framed stair rail glass to pull the look together with sophistication and finesse.

Modern homes need modern staircases. Install glass stair rails in your home for a polished, contemporary look. Head over to Shower Doors of Dallas for their premium stair rail glass solutions. Their glass experts design and install commercial-grade tempered framed and frameless stair rail glass.

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