CBD products are practically everywhere! From cafes to pharmacies to super stores, buying CBD products in the USA is as easy as it gets. However, there are some state-specific restrictions and laws to look out for. Overall, the CBD market in the US will cross the $6 billion mark by the end of 2022, thanks to the growing number of users.

And while we speak about CBD, another word, THC, also frequently pops up. Considered a strong psychoactive agent, THC is often a banned substance in most states. Again, there are states that allow the medicinal use of THC oil and laws that you must abide by.

Despite the complexities, THC, and CBD together are found in many products. The key is to buy full-spectrum CBD products with less than 0.3 percent THC.

To further enlighten you (and burst some bubbles), here are 11 facts about THC and CBD that you didn’t know. Read, educate yourself, and buy CBD products online right away!

CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil aren’t the Same

CBD oil and hemp seed oil are often confused with being the same thing and used interchangeably. That’s the first fact you should know: CBD oil and hemp seed oil are entirely different! Although CBD oil is procured from hemp flowers, the process is different from the extraction of hemp seed oil. This makes CBD oil and hemp seed oil different in their properties and hence health-oriented benefits.

CBD and THC are Cousins

CBD and THC are derived from the cannabis plants, marijuana and hemp, one of which is legal in the US and the other illegal. Think of it this way, marijuana (the illegal plant) and hemp (the legal plant) both produce CBD and THC. However, marijuana has more THC, whereas hemp has more CBD content.

Cannabis Sativa Plant

The sourceee for both marijuana and hemp is the Cannabis Sativa plant. Out of the many types of cannabis plants, Sativa has both marijuana and hemp. If you look at marijuana and hemp, you will find it hard to find any differences. They smell, look, and feel almost the same. However, the quantity of CBD or THC is what sets them apart.

Person holding dried hemp flower

CBD and THC are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

You may have been using CBD oil and THC oil for a while now. But do you know these are just two popular agents among the 108 substances found in cannabis Sativa? Both hemp and marijuana have a wide range of compounds such as terpenes, pinene, limonene, and many others.

CBD Doesn’t Cause High

And no matter what anyone tells you, CBD doesn’t cause you to get high! In fact, CBD interacts with the brain’s B1 receptors in such a way that it eliminates the jitters and lethargy. If you want to enjoy razor-sharp focus, improved memory, and stronger cognition, try a CBD product.

THC has Many Strains

And while you’ll hear that THC is the villainous character of the cannabis family, it’s not entirely true. Yes, THC does have psychoactive properties, and caution is recommended. But there are many strains of THC, including Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and Delta-10 THC. If you opt for a Delta-8 full spectrum THC oil, chances are you’ll prevent intoxication!

CBD and THC Together Don’t Get You High

This is a little elaboration of the previous point. The phenomenon of using THC and CBD together in full-spectrum products is known as the Entourage Effect. According to this phenomenon, not only does THC maximize the benefits of CBD, but CBD also stops the brain receptors from binding with THC. As a result, if you have a full-spectrum product containing both THC and CBD, your intoxication levels will be reduced.

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CBD and THC are Legal Together

If you are out to buy CBD edibles, you will not face any problems. But finding isolated THC products may be a bit difficult depending on your state’s laws. If you want to stay in the safe zone and benefit from the Entourage Effect, opt for full-spectrum CBD and THC products. All full-spectrum CBD products have less than 0.3 percent THC. This number is perfectly legal and enough to benefit you from both the compounds.

CBD’s History is 12,000 Years Old

Despite the fact that CBD is extremely popular now, it has existed worldwide for over 12,000 years. For centuries, CBD oil has been used for its healing properties. Until 1940, when isolated CBD first became the subject of research. That research has led us to today, where we find CBD everywhere!

CBD isn’t Miraculous!

Yes, that’s true (and false). CBD oil has numerous healing properties, and a lot of research is currently underway to make CBD the fix for certain health conditions. But CBD isn’t a miracle medicine with a cure for everything. Neither CBD can work wonders overnight and help you live forever!

Disregarding CBD’s benefits as a marketing gimmick is bad. But so is hailing it as a miracle that will fix everything wrong!

THC isn’t All Bad!

And while CBD is the hero, THC isn’t the villain. In fact, the latest research on THC is showing promising results for conditions such as nausea, fatigue, memory loss, and autoimmune diseases. Currently, most states allow products with less than 0.3 percent THC. But there was a time when CBD was a Schedule-1 drug, and now it’s legal. So let time tell how good THC actually is for us.

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The author is a writer turned entrepreneur. The author runs a small family-owned CBD café in Miami and endorses CBD and THC for medicinal purposes.