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Flowers – the gems of nature

Flowers – their mere mention fills our minds with images of lush fields overflowing with colors, and gardens resplendent with beautiful blooms of unmatched beauty. In fact, such is the charm of flowers that legendary impressionists like Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh spent much of their lives painting them.

Flowers mean a lot of things in our world. They stand for beauty, grace, empathy and fortitude. In fact, research suggests that flowers do have observable positive effects on human psychology. Send flowers to your loved ones in Philippines and fill their lives with unbridled happiness.

What’s your occasion?

Flowers are an essential part of our celebrations and rituals, aren’t they? Here in the Orient, we can’t imagine celebrating anything without them.

  • Birthdays

  • Weddings

  • Valentine’s Day

  • Religious ceremonies

  • Carnivals

  • Awards functions

  • Remembrance days

Can you name an occasion that doesn’t look better with flowers? We guess not! So, what are you planning to celebrate?

This brings us to the topic of our discussion.

A dozen flower boutiques for you in Manila

If you are in Manila, looking for flowers shops with the best online flower delivery service in Philippines, let us help you. We have compiled a list of a dozen flower shops in Manila that employ the best florists in Philippines. Let’s have a look.

  1. Send Flowers To Philippines (

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What we love about them

  • All these shops make it to the list of the top flower shops in Philippines.

  • You got to see their collection to believe! There’s not a flower in the world they don’t sell. It seems like their inventories are endless.

  • What fascinates us most about these 12 flower shops in Manila is their quick turnaround time. You just need to order your flowers and sit back and relax. They’ll take your flowers anywhere you want in Philippines and beyond. These flowers shops offer same-day delivery for places within the country. For regions beyond the country, they might take a little longer.

  • Delivering fresh flowers is their mission. They understand that each flower you send, carries your affection and best wishes.

  • There’s absolutely no holidays for these shops. Their online stores are open 24×7. If you need your flowers delivered on short notice, you can rely on them to serve you.

  • And how cost-effective their assortments are! Bouquets of the most dazzling flowers you have ever seen are available at incredibly affordable price points.

  • Planning to gift some accessories with your flowers? Chocolates, vases, quaint old baskets – name an accessory and they probably have it in their inventory. Isn’t that fascinating?

Now that you are equipped with the list of the dozen best flower shops in Manila with the best online flower delivery service in Philippines, let’s take you through the most sought-after flowers in Philippines.

The flowers of Philippines

The archipelago’s more than 7000 islands are home to some of the most exotic flora and fauna in the world. No wonder, Philippines always features right at the top of any globe-trotter’s list of places to visit! Here’s a little something to know about the nation’s flowers.

  • The Sampaguita, a variety of the jasmine, is the national flower and stands for peace, love and goodwill.

  • If you want to express your concerns about your friends wellbeing, gift them Hydrangeas.

  • Orchids make for the most diverse flowering plant species in the world and Philippines is home to some of the most vibrant examples of the species. Here, they stand for fertility and undying devotion.

  • The Hibiscus and Lotus are absolute must in rituals and festivals. They stand for spiritualism, virtue and divinity.

  • Roses might be the universal floral symbol of love. But here in Philippines, the Anthurium is an equally important purveyor of unspoken love.

  • And then there’s the humungous floral oddity – the Rafflesia. It’s huge and bright, but has a stomach-churning putrid smell!


They say, a gift of flowers carries the senders heart. Since time immemorial flowers have lent expression to unspoken emotions. Poets and patriots alike have found solace in the beauty and fragrance of flowers.

Researchers claim that certain flowers have a calming influence on our nerves. The tea of the jasmine has been used for ages as a nerve-relaxant, while its oil has found use as a powerful aphrodisiac. And who can ignore the saffron! In case you didn’t know, it comes from the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower.

Gift flowers to your loved ones, and let the spirit of Mother Nature shower you with her blessings.