Whenever it comes to losing weight and maintaining a balanced diet, we always think of foods low in fat, carbohydrates, and sugars, but we neglect that liquids are just as important to lower the numbers on the weight scale. In other words, no matter how much vegetables you eat, if you later drink three cans of any sugary drink, you will not be doing anything but making the situation worse and many more about exercise

Therefore, the first thing is to stop consuming the kind of product that contributes to being overweight. So, do we have to settle for just mineral water? No! Although water is vital for weight loss, there are endless liquids in the form of tea or soft drinks that are very good and very healthy and provide us with additional vitamins that will help you in the weight loss process.

Oat, coconut, or skim milk

Green Tea

A study showed that people who drank four to five cups of green tea a day lost about a kilogram more than people who did not.

Ginger tea

Watermelon juice

Cherry juice

Light soups

Lettuce, spinach, and kiwi juice

Hot water with lemon

Papaya juice

Cucumber, lemon, and parsley juice

To make it, mix half a cup of parsley, the juice of a lemon, and half a cucumber with a bit of water. But don’t drink it for more than ten consecutive days as it is pretty potent.

Celery juice with pineapple

Carrot, beet, and cucumber juice