Electrical slaves are dangerous jobs that require an experienced and qualified electrician. They include quite a few types of electrical work which each electrical work is at a different price. Therefore, if you have a short circuit, a fault or anything that requires dealing with the electrical system, it is important to call a qualified electrician who will solve the fault for you and not do it alone so as not to get electrocuted.

Electrician price list – all electricity prices in one place

An electrician’s price list consists of different prices depending on the type of fault and its complexity. Electrical operations include: replacement of electrical panel, installation of electrical points, quarrying in the wall, installation of lighting fixtures and more. The price of an electrician’s visit even before the fault is diagnosed increases between NIS 250-150, and if there is a fault, it includes the visit fee and the cost of the repair, so this must be taken into account. Also, adding a power point will cost you between 700-250 NIS depending on the complexity of the slave. If it is a power point with external wiring it will cost between 500-300 NIS, if it is about installing a power point with a plastic duct it will cost between 600-300 NIS. In the case of an electrical point with quarrying up to a distance of 3 meters, the point will cost you 700-300 NIS and if an electrical point is needed in a block wall, the price per point will be between 700-400 NIS. In the case of replacing an electrical panel, the price is higher, the price of replacing an electrical panel will cost you between NIS 3,500-1,500, in the case of installing a lighting fixture, the price will range between NIS 300-120. Also, replacing a circuit breaker on a home electrical panel will cost between 450-300 NIS including materials, a grounding test will cost you between 350-300 NIS, circuit breakers will cost you between 1400-800 NIS and installing an electrical point for an air conditioner will cost you between 700-500 NIS. Keep in mind that checking the integrity of the fault assessment will cost you between 800-400 NIS.

Smart-Fix electrician price list

How is an electrician price list made up?

An electrician’s price list consists of the fault itself and its complexity. Each electrical fault is a fault in itself, the time and complexity of the work are what determines the price of the fault and ultimately the price list of the electrician. Electrician price list reflects the common prices in the market in the field of electricity. In addition, the seasons greatly affect the price list, so for example the prices of an electrician in winter will be higher than the prices of electricity in the fall, since most power failures happen during the winter due to the stormy weather that causes quite a few power outages and torn cables.

What is important is that it appears in an electrician’s price list

An electrician’s price list must contain all the electrical work there is and their current prices. The price list gives you an indication about the cost of each and every job and you can prepare for it accordingly and not be surprised. Beyond that, through the price list you will know that you are not being cheated and you are being charged an exorbitant price. The prices that appear in the price list are prices collected by all the electricians all over the country and are the common price to be paid according to the fault and that is agreed upon by all.

The importance of using an up-to-date electrician price list

With an up-to-date electrician price list, you can get all the latest prices of מחירון חשמלאי electrical work and know that you will not be charged more. In addition, you will be updated and know what the cost of each and every malfunction is. Thanks to this price list you can choose the electrician that suits you with the lowest offer. In addition, when ordering the electrician it is important to be certified with a valid certificate and license before exporting the electrical work so as not to cause you greater damage that you will have to pay dearly for. So even if you are stressed whether it is an emergency or you want to save a few shekels, you should think carefully so that you do not pay more.