Who doesn’t want to have visually pleasing Ins posts to showcase your great adventure experience? If you are about to vacation in Bali, you must not miss the following 15 attractions suitable for filming blockbusters!

1| Banyumala Twin Waterfall (Banyumala Twin Waterfall)
Although not as famous as other waterfalls in Bali, it still maintains pure natural beauty. This stunning waterfall is located on the edge of the crater between the Munduk district and the main Singaraja-Denpasar highway. The waterfall is difficult to find but worth a visit, which is in line with “what is worth having is always hard to come by.” Your entire journey will be surrounded by dense trees, rocks, rivers and beautiful waterfalls. Visit Banyumala Twin Falls to enjoy a relaxing time, this will be the best choice for you to relax!

2 |Campuhan Ridge Walk (Campuhan Ridge Walk)
Although it has amazing curves, it is still loved by people all over the world, and Bali is also popular with tourists for its breathtaking natural attractions. Located in a busy and modern Ubud district, this scenic valley hiking route is undoubtedly a good place to breathe fresh air worth visiting. Among the nine kilometers of mountain roads, there are the most striking hillside scenery and the lush valley of the Sungai Wos river to accompany you on foot. If you are lucky enough, you can see Mount Agung standing tall on Yanlu. It is definitely a beautiful experience!

3 | Gunung Kawi Temple (Gunung Kawi Temple)
Mount Kawei Temple is one of the most unique archaeological sites in Bali, including a series of ancient shrine reliefs on rocky cliffs. In addition, you can visit the magnificent scenery of the Pakerisan River and the ancient Indian temple courtyard with a modern style. Here is seafood terdekat dari lokasi saya. The advantageous location is a great choice for your Bali itinerary. Before entering, after a flight of stairs, you will get an earthen vase filled with holy water, and you need to sprinkle holy water on yourself at the entrance. This exotic experience is worth being part of your list! What are you waiting for? Hurry up to be included in the list and head to Bali!

4 | Condor Square Cultural Park (GWK Cultural Park)
Are you looking for a one-stop trip full of rich culture, magnificent historical monuments, exotic traditional dances and adrenaline-stimulating activities? Then this park is the best choice for your next vacation. You can watch the beautiful Kecak dance, the Balinese Royal Dance, and enjoy other unforgettable experiences with your own eyes. Don’t forget to relax in the lotus pond in the park while watching the newly built majestic condor statue, whose 120-meter-high statue took 28 years to build. Such an exciting experience is sure to create an unforgettable journey for you.

5 | Handara Golf Course Iconic Gate (Handara Golf Course Gate)
The iconic gate leading to the peaceful road has also become one of the most popular destinations for Ins posts. With its beautiful green landscape and peaceful atmosphere, tourists have included it in their itinerary lists. In addition to the exotic traditional Balinese gates, the stunning green environment around it can take care of your eyes and can also be used as a background for your photos. Take a few big shots at its iconic gate and amaze your friends!

6 | Kelingking Beach on Penida Island
Bali has many stunning beaches, and it is precisely because of these natural beauties that it is popular all over the world. However, Kelingking Beach has successfully taken Bali to a whole new level. As Bali’s most breathtaking attraction, Kelingking Beach is definitely worth visiting. The hidden paradise has a tyrannosaurus-shaped cliff. The cliffs are steep and lack safety, but if you are careful, it is still a safe hiking trip. Overlooking the clear blue waters and the obvious tyrannosaurus-shaped cliffs, the extraordinary natural landscape. You can also watch the hidden Kelingking beach between the cliffs. The cliff is the only access to the beach, and Kelingking Beach is reached by a very steep downhill staircase.

7 |Bali Sky Gate (Pura Luhur Lempuyang)
Lempuyang Temple is a favorite attraction for people to check in. It is an ancient mountain temple located in eastern Bali. It is believed that this temple predates most Hindu temples on the island and is located at an altitude of 1,175 meters. Its height can be reached by climbing stairs, the journey is steep, reaching more than 1,700 steps, and there are many smaller temples along the way. Those who like adventure will love this kind of journey that is a mixture of mountain hiking and exotic archaeological sites. But don’t worry, those who don’t like hiking can enjoy the magnificent scenery at the foot of the mountain. Such an exotic, traditional, historical and magnificent attraction is perfect for your unforgettable holiday!

8 |Bratan Water Temple (Ulun Danu Bratan Temple)
The Bratan Water Temple is a picturesque landmark and a historic temple complex. It is loved by tourists and locals. The advantageous geographical location connects the north and south of Bali. This iconic temple is surrounded by a smooth reflective surface, giving the impression of a floating temple. From polaroids and digital cameras to the ins era to the present, it has been the favorite place for many people to take pictures and check in for many years. Although the main landscape is this floating temple, the entire complex itself creates a relaxed atmosphere, and you must not miss it.

9 | Poseidon Temple (Tanah Lot)
As one of Bali’s most important landmarks, Poseidon Temple is an exotic ancient Hindu holy place. Located in the midst of the waves, it is famous for its unique offshore setting, stunning attractions, and sunset views. This is definitely an iconic attraction in Bali worth visiting. Since it is also one of Bali’s most popular attractions for tourists, the shore of Poseidon Temple provides you with a variety of cultural experiences. From cultural masks, traditional bags and other souvenirs, you can choose some and take home a part of Bali!

10 | Tegalalang Rice Terraces (Tegalalang Rice Terraces)
The Degralang terraces are located in the busy and popular Ubud and offer beautiful views of the rice fields. The beautiful landscape of rice fields is displayed on the slopes of the valley. The beautiful scenery and lush trees are ideal for those who are eager to take risks or those who are eager to relax and breathe fresh air. It’s definitely a place worth remembering!

11 / Bali Swing
Bali swings are very popular now, and people come for the point of its ins wind. Several different swings overlook the beautiful palm tree valley and river at different heights. With a true Balinese jungle atmosphere, it will capture your mind. Be sure to visit at the right time, because the stunning scenery attracts many tourists. Remember to check the weather. It is recommended to visit during prime time in the evening or early morning. Soft lighting can add different effects to your photos. Take pictures as much as you like!

12 | Holy Spring Temple (Tirta Empul)
This pleasing temple complex is located in the village of Manukaya in central Bali. It has the legendary story of good and evil and is a national cultural heritage. Tirta Empul means “holy water spring” and is actually the name of the water source in the temple. The surrounding purification baths, swimming pools and fish ponds all flow to the Tukad Pakerisan River. Those who are interested in Balinese history, myths, rituals and legends are welcome to capture all the moments.

13 | Tirta Gangga Water Palace (Tirta Gangga Water Palace)
It is famous for its luxurious water garden, which has successfully attracted many aesthetic lovers to take pictures. Its water garden includes tropical gardens, wading pools, fish ponds and fountains, and the surrounding neat lawns are decorated with stepping stones, gorgeous statues and tropical gardens. It is located in Ababi village, 75 kilometers east of Denpasar. With traditional Balinese architecture, the peaceful and mysterious atmosphere will definitely make your Ins posts look better.

14 | Uluwatu Temple (Uluwatu Temple)
Originally named “Pura Luhur Uluwatu”, it is one of the important temples of the six spiritual pillars of Bali. Uluwatu Temple (Uluwatu Temple) is famous for its magnificent location, located on top of a steep cliff about 70 meters above sea level. It’s hard not to admit that Uluwatu Temple is definitely one of the most suitable places to watch the sunset on the island, directly overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean and the Kecak dance performance. The stunning scenery will make your Ins post very attractive, so it is recommended to arrive before sunset. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

15| Wanagiri Hidden Hills Lookout (Wanagiri Hidden Hills Lookout)
Located in the north of Bali, it has often appeared on everyone’s Ins posts recently. This is why people often refer to it as the “selfie peak area”. One of the most popular attractions in this place is the giant bird’s nest and the swing and observation deck overlooking the lake. There are a variety of bird nests and swings for you to choose from, so be sure to take many beautiful blockbusters for your Ins. It is about an hour and a half drive from Canggu. Arriving before sunset, you will naturally not miss the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular sunset from the top of the mountain.

You don’t have to worry about struggling to find amazing attractions during your trip to Bali. Bali itself is full of many amazing attractions for you to explore and take pictures. Please be sure to book your trip to Bali!