The wilderness of the wild west is nature’s call for you to splurge on a Black Hills vacation. Plugged far away from the city’s hustle-bustle, a refuge in a vacation rental can be the best escape to seek.

Black Hills vacation rentals

With God’s grace you have the time to explore the Black Hills and the most amazing Black Hills vacation rentals– but what else do you need to have an unforgettable experience? Well, none other than the amenities in a vacation rental property can make a huge difference between a one-time guest and a guest who returns. In this guest post, we will walk you through a list of amenities that every vacation rental home must possess:

17 Amenities Checklist for Vacation Rentals

  1. 24-Hour Check-in

Travel enthusiasts are head over heels for a 24-hour check-in facility. They are fond of the flexibility and added convenience that comes with it. Especially if something doesn’t go as planned- the ability to check in anytime, anywhere surely helps.

This doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up for staying available 24 hours per day. Just make sure you have installed an automated check-in system. Whether they access through lockbox, keyless entry, or any other service, this facility will make a good first impression on your guests.

  1. Fast & convenient Wi-Fi

In this modern age, technology and its ease of accessibility is a top-tier vacation rental essential. Wi-Fi is the most significant necessity that shouldn’t go amiss. Unless your rental is off-grid and catering to a “technological getaway” slot, your guests will expect Wi-Fi as an essential inclusion in the rental package.

  1. Cable TV or streaming services

These days, people are not a huge fan of television. Still, most guests consider TV access as a must-include amenity in their vacation rental.

The perfect combination would be none other than cable television on a Smart Television, with access to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, as well as live television to keep tabs on local news and weather reports. 

  1. Game console

Families with children, in particular, will be thrilled to have access to a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation at their vacation home. Provide a variety of games for the entire family to make your vacation rental speak up for itself and do the needful!

  1. Local maps, guidebooks, and recommendations

Make sure to leave plenty of local information for your visitors to peruse. Leave contact information for your favourite neighbourhood restaurants and cafés.

Include pamphlets about notable local features such as theatres, national parks, and historical sites.

  1. Electrical adapters and chargers

Most guests will tag their adapters along, but sometimes due to frequent forgetfulness, they might forget, lose or break it. Stocking up universal chargers and adapters will make them see you no less than a saviour!

  1. Fireplace

It might seem like a big add-on if your Black hills vacation rentals don’t have it, but the investment could be worth in every way possible. 

  1. Stock with Food Storage Containers

Many guests will most likely want to take long day trips to see the sights in your area during their stay. You can make sure that your rental includes food storage containers so that hikers can prepare and pack their own food to carry through the day. Of course, food storage containers are popular for being misplaced, so as an alternative, you could offer a roll of tin foil and cling film.

  1. Kid-friendly equipment

Parents traveling with babies or kids will be grateful if they do not have to pack every piece of baby equipment. Stock your kitchen with baby cutlery, plates, and disposable bibs. You could even take a step further and keep a highchair in the storage area of your property to make it kid-friendly for visiting families. Go the extra mile by including the following amenities:

  • Travel crib
  • High chair
  • Stroller
  1. Vacation rental toiletries

This is the most fundamental bathroom amenity you can provide. Guests expect travel-size toiletries in any standard hotel, but they are completely surprised when they receive the same service at a vacation rental.

You can begin by mounting a soap and a shampoo dispenser on the shower wall and then go above and beyond by providing vacation rental toiletries such as:

  • Hair conditioner
  • Body lotion
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash.

You could impress your guests by offering bath salts, bath bombs, and essential oils.

  1. Grooming and beauty essentials

Aside from basic hygiene essentials, you can also stock the bathroom with vanity items. Right from shower caps, disposable razors, shaving cream, makeup remover wipes, body wash (no more liner-stained towels! ), and face mask samples, for example are a few to mention supplies. Such small additions will give your guests the impression that they have booked a spa weekend and will elevate their holiday experience.

  1. First aid kit

One of the most important factors accompanying an amazing guest experience is safety. Although no one expects or wishes for it, cuts and bruises on vacation are more common than not. Rather than letting minor mishaps ruin a vacation, you can help to mitigate unpleasant experiences by keeping a first-aid kit in the bathroom or another accessible location in the house.

Bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, disposable gloves, and medical tweezers should all be included in your first aid kit. If you want to be extra thorough, include bug bite creams, children’s bandages, pain relievers, ice packs, a digital thermometer, and saline solution.

  1. Premium bedding and plumped-up pillows

It’d be wise to invest in some good-quality sheets that are durable and easily washable. It will surely work to your advantage! Spend some time setting up the bed with aesthetically pleasing and comforting blankets and fluffy pillows to give your guests a wonderful sleeping experience.

  1. Mosquito nets or lights

If your property’s bedroom windows allow it, you should attach mosquito nets to their frames to keep your guests from being bothered at night. You could also add a mosquito net and light to the list as they can plug in before going to bed.

  1. Cleaning supplies

Simply providing cleaning supplies and putting them in places where guests can see them will encourage them to clean. Make a small rental cleaning kit and stock it with easily identifiable, branded products. You can even make special instructions for cleaning specific areas of the vacation rental, such as kitchen counters or shower doors.

  1. Shoe and coat rack

Make sure you motivate your guests to experience a home away home feeling and encourage them to keep the inside space pristine. Tip: Make sure you provide them with decent storage space for keeping dirty boots and wet coats right in the entryway.

  1. Vacation rental safe

Safety comes first! Make sure your guests feel safe during their stay at your vacation rental. Beyond the standard steps to prevent vacation rental theft, guests want to ensure their belongings are safe inside your space. Try including a vacation rental safe in the bedroom or closet area. It will allow guests to lock up what’s important to them without any fear, and they will have the peace of mind to make the most of their vacation.

In a Nutshell

Make your vacations to the Black Hills a memorable experience by choosing the best vacation property rentals in the Black Hills.PS: If you are falling short of ideas for travel essentials, then this guest blog provides you a detailed checklist that will surely streamline the hassle.