PC games can be played with a controller as well, and they are fun when you play with a companion. If you have an MSI Ventus 3060 graphic card on your gaming PC, you can enjoy it better. There are some video games, which are fun when played with a friend, and these games are called Co-Op games. 

In this blog, we will look at some of the best games to play with a friend. 

Best Co-Op Games

Although Co-Op games can be played with the help of a Console, PC gaming is surely more fun and accessible. You can Buy Pre Built PC India easily. Some best Co-Op games to play with a friend are as follows: 

  • Cuphead: The Cuphead game is colorful and beautiful. The silly animation is what makes the game very amazing. The game is crazy and therefore is fun. It’s the kind of game that we used to enjoy in childhood. Playing Cuphead will surely make you feel nostalgic. The difficulty level of the game is standard and is very fun to play.
  • Broforce: The game offers a certain number of characters to choose from, and they have a certain melee attack, a special attack, and a standard move. You would enjoy this game if you liked Cup heads. The game also has an online mode.
  • Wizard of Legends: Wizard of Legend is another game that can play with a pal if you like story-based co-op games. Each level of the game is a different type of challenge. The game offers many choices and combinations, which makes the game very interesting.


You need to Buy Pre Built PC India to enjoy quality CO-OP games with your friends. The game mentioned in this list is perfect and can be tried. Get quality PC gaming components at the best price possible from Modx Computers.