Hurricane windows are the perfect addition for homes in houses located in hurricane-prone areas. If you are situated in and around Florida, you must be well prepared all the time for keeping the storm and its negative impacts outside. However, if you thought the best impact windows in Miami are only ideal for disaster preparation and do not have any other specialties you would be far from right. Impact windows are super resistant against the strong gusts of winds and the debris that flies around. 

But they are also an excellent choice if you want to bring in more natural light without fearing the durability and cost of the window installations. Impact windows are also pocket-friendly and cost-effective in the long run. They do not require a hummus amount of maintenance and are usually a one-time expense. Here’s a list of the best impact windows in Miami that are best suited for letting in all the sun rays and keeping your indoors cozy. 

  • Single Hung Impact Windows: Single-hung impact windows are all glass. The top of these windows remain fixed but the lower portion is free and adjustable. If you want a light breeze along with sunlight, you only need to slide the lower half of the glass panes upwards and enjoy your day. What makes single-hung anti-hurricane windows one of the most loved impact windows in Miami is that they can be easily installed, they are absolutely customizable and you could even add a skylight if your chosen company offers that service. 


  • Fixed-Picture Windows: If you are looking for storm protection and maximum natural light, the best impact windows in Miami to meet your expectations would be the fixed-picture windows. As the name suggests these windows make the outside scenery look like a picture. These windows have amazing noise cancellation and keep out all unwanted disturbances, providing you with a relaxing, peaceful time. Though these permanently fixed installations cannot be opened, they cover the entire window space allowing for plenty of sunlight to enter the room. 


  • Horizontal Rolling Impact Windows: The award for the most popular choices when it comes to the best impact windows in Miami would definitely go to horizontal-rolling hurricane windows. The window frames are usually made of aluminum or wood and you can get them personalized to match the room decor. If you are looking for a simple, modern yet charming alternative, the horizontal rolling windows will be your ideal match. 

Apart from the above-mentioned best impact windows in Miami, you can also look up other varieties. Those who prefer a traditional, old-school charm, should check out the Bay and Bow windows. These windows bring in light from different angles which means that even if the sun moves from east to west in the sky, you still have sufficient natural warmth and light till the sun sets. Casement windows have also been attracting more and more customers thanks to their amazing performance. So consider the best impact windows in Miami and welcome more sun inside your rooms.