Greasy black gunk on the walls and ceilings

This is an easy fix that doesn’t require spending any extra cash. Simply set aside a day or two to clear out and clean the space. Swap in the old furniture that was previously there, and neatly store the pieces you’ve moved in a designated space such as your basement that’s out of buyers’ immediate eyesight when entering your home.

If you notice that the skirting boards, the wooden walls, or window frames are weak, it could be because of termite infestation. Run your hand over the surface of the wooden installations and if it seems uneven, you can suspect termites. Tapping your walls with hands or strong objects and if you hear a hollow sound, the properties are most likely infected by termites.

Have carpets steam-cleaned and drapes dry-cleaned (or ditch them, as we suggested). Wash curtains and blinds (add some vinegar to the wash water). Have upholstered pieces professionally cleaned by a company that’s IICRC-certified for the job, which will run you from $140 to $190 for full cleaning with light stain removal of a standard-sized chair and couch, according to If the furniture is all but ruined, remove it from the home.

The mud tubes behind the walls can lead to drooping and discolored drywall, which at first glance may appear to be water damage. Upon closer inspection, it could be the mud tubes behind the walls causing the appearance. Termite infestation can also cause your paint to peel or have a blistered appearance.

You may have grown nose-blind to the odors in your home, but buyers will notice it as soon as they step through the door. Pet odors and cigarette smoke are especially troublesome. At a minimum, until you move out you need to smoke outside and clean the litter pan, wash the dog, make your teenager take his dirty laundry to the laundry room, and empty the trash more frequently. Forego cooking strong-smelling foods. Lastly, open the windows occasionally to let in some fresh air.

If you see tiny holes in wood with what looks like sawdust coming from the holes, you might have termites. It’s also possible that you have powder post beetles. These pests don’t look much like termites, but they cause similar damage. The signs of powder post beetles versus termites are also similar, and it can be tough to tell the difference between them. This is why it’s wise to hire a pest control professional. They can properly identify what you’re dealing with and then provide the appropriate pest treatment option.

Sudden changes in the behavior of your animals

If termites are given enough time, they can severely weaken the integrity of your home. This happens when termites have devoured a significant portion of the wood. Generally, they eat wood from the inside out, meaning it will sound hollow when knocked.

Precipitation changes will also have an effect. Termites, being soft-bodied, are prone to water loss and death by desiccation in soils with less than about 8 to 10 percent moisture by weight. So, regions such as the Southwest, east Texas, and parts of Louisiana, which are predicted to experience less rainfall and higher temperatures over the next 100 years, may see a decline in termite populations.

However, although populations of less heat-tolerant and more moisture-dependent species might suffer due to hotter and drier conditions, other species that are better adapted to the higher heat and lower humidity might become more common in those areas, exchanging one headache for another. Climate change has already affected the lives of North American insects. The first “greenness” in the North American spring has come 10 to 14 days earlier since 1981, according to the IPCC.

The average first spring flight of 23 species of butterflies in California occurs earlier now than it did in 1972. And the skipper butterfly has expanded its northernmost range on the West Coast by more than 300 kilometers over the past 30 years into areas that were previously too cold to support a full life cycle.

Discarded wings are another sign of a termite infestation. Swarmer termites (also called alates) lose their wings shortly after finding a mate. The new termite couple then crawls to a suitable nesting site where they seal themselves in to reproduce and start a new colony. The new king and queen then care for the first batch of their young until there are enough worker termites to take over caretaking duties.

Your pet provides your family with unending entertainment, love, and companionship. But did you know that your cat or dog can also detect pests in your home before you do? Read below to learn how your pet is able to alert you of any budding or current pest infestations in your home.

Homeowners should also consider odd insect behavior and patterns as a sign of termite infestation. Though they may get confused for winged ants, winged termites are a precursor to the start of a new termite colony. “Swarmer’s” also may indicate the presence of an existing colony, as those winged termites have left their original community to start a new one.

severe weather conditions that you cannot explain

Oh, the weather outside may be frightful, but what is going on inside the walls of unprotected homes can be even more frightful. Snow, ice, and wind are notorious for leaving properties damaged come springtime, and this can leave homes vulnerable to the most destructive pests. Namely, termites. This article will alert you to the property threats that are posed by these wood-eating insects and will give several do-it-yourself tips on how to detect and prevent an infestation.

While it’s usually believed to be a sign of damp or hot weather, doors that are warped or windows that become stiff when opening and closing may mean a dry wood termite problem. The moisture that termites produce when consuming wood and tunneling through the wood within doors and window frames causes wood to become warped, making it difficult to shut or open windows and doors.

Termite Swarms: Termite swarms are common on warm and humid evenings, particularly during late monsoon. Each of these large winged termites can potentially be the new queen of a fresh colony. Termite swarms are generally localized, but some individuals may be able to fly over several hundreds of meters. Needless to say, any sign of a swarm is an indication of an existing colony and soon to form new colonies. Book pest control services shortly after you see one in your area to investigate if your home is infected.

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Termites are often attracted to the warmth of electrical fittings behind walls – so if you notice that short circuits are a regular occurrence at your place, these critters may be the reason. A good way to confirm this is by inspecting your electrical fittings and power points. If you spot a build-up of earthy materials such as damp mud or soil, you may have a termite problem.

A sure way to know that you have termites is if your blinds or curtain rods collapse suddenly because your window frames can’t support them as they have been eaten away. As mentioned above, because termites can eat the majority of a structure away, while leaving the outside intact, you may not even realize you have an issue until the curtain or blind fixtures come away from the wall or collapses entirely.