What exactly is 3000 series aluminum sheet plate? What are the different types of 3000 series aluminum sheet plate? And where does it come from? These are all questions that we get asked on a regular basis here at Pacific Alloys, so in order to make your decision easier when choosing 3000 series aluminum sheet plate, here’s everything you need to know about this high-strength aluminum alloy!


Henan Huawei Aluminum is a leading supplier of 3000 series aluminum sheet plate. As one of the world’s most professional aluminum suppliers, they have the capability to offer a wide range of aluminum products, including 3000 series aluminum sheet plates. They offer a variety of sizes and thicknesses and can custom-cut the aluminum to meet your needs. Their high-grade aluminum is perfect for any project, whether it be for commercial or residential use. Henan Huawei Aluminum is dedicated to providing superior quality products and services, making them an ideal choice for those who need 3000 series aluminum sheet plate.


The 3000 series of aluminum sheet plates has been around for decades, and is renowned for its durability and strength. This alloy is used in a wide range of applications, from automotive body panels to home appliances, as well as a variety of industrial uses. It was first developed in the early 20th century by the Aluminum Company of America (now known as Alcoa) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The 3000 series alloys have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than other aluminum sheet plate alloys, making them an ideal choice for many applications.

The 3000 series alloy contains elements such as manganese, magnesium, silicon, and copper. This combination of elements makes this alloy highly resistant to corrosion and provides superior strength and durability. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to work with and form into various shapes. In addition, the 3000 series alloy has excellent weldability and can be painted or powder-coated to improve its appearance.

Today, the 3000 series aluminum sheet plate is one of the most popular alloys available on the market. It is used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, appliance manufacturing, and more. Its corrosion resistance, strength, and low weight make it an ideal choice for many applications.


Henan Huawei Aluminum is a leading supplier of 3000 series aluminum sheet plate. Their aluminum sheet plates are produced with high quality standards, making them the ideal choice for many projects and applications. The 3000 series aluminum sheet plate has excellent properties including corrosion resistance, formability, weldability, and strength. It is also highly durable, making it suitable for a variety of uses and environments. Henan Huawei Aluminum offers a wide range of 3000 series aluminum sheet plates in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and finishes to meet the needs of any project. With their commitment to providing excellent products and customer service, Henan Huawei Aluminum is the best choice for your 3000 series aluminum sheet plate needs.


Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of 3000 series aluminum sheet plate. This alloy is a popular choice for many industrial applications due to its strength and corrosion resistance. The alloy is made from aluminum with at least 98% aluminum content, usually combined with other metals such as manganese, silicon, copper, or magnesium. Henan Huawei Aluminum produces an extensive range of 3000 series aluminum sheet plate in a variety of sizes and grades to meet your project needs.

Their 3000 series aluminum products offer superior corrosion resistance and formability. These sheets are ideal for applications that require welding or brazing and can be used in construction, marine, and transportation industries. They also offer excellent corrosion resistance, even in saltwater environments.

At Henan Huawei Aluminum, they strive to provide superior customer service and technical support to ensure you get the best quality aluminum products. Their dedicated team of professionals has the expertise and experience to help you find the perfect solution for your project. They understand that each application requires different properties and they have the knowledge to help you get the right product for your specific needs.