When gifting a loved one with a truly meaningful, thoughtful, and emotionally moving gift, you can never go wrong with a framed museum print. These framed art prints are perennial favorites, perfect accompaniments to any home and any decor.

Naturally, you could simply choose to purchase and gift museum prints without the frame. However, by opting for framed versions of these stunning prints, you’re reaping several impressive benefits: saving either the gift receiver or yourself the time, effort, and money to do the framing later, and giving a more presentable gift that is ready to be hung up right away.

We spoke with the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, specifically their gift shop, to discover which of their framed museum prints were best-sellers and were considered to be great gifts for loved ones.

1. Boston Common at Twilight in a Gold Frame
This gold-framed print of Boston Common at Twilight by Frederick Childe Hassam easily makes the top of our list. This is an excellent gift for nearly anyone special in your life, especially for someone who has an affinity for Boston or art in general, as it depicts Boston Common in winter.

2. Morning on the Seine 1896 in a White Frame
Morning on the Seine 1896 by Claude Monet was painted in Impressionism style, which was crafted by the artist on a makeshift floating studio on the Seine River in France and is a part of a series of paintings. It’s unquestionably serene and, being a piece from Monet, easy to hang in a home or office and enjoy for years to come. When white-framed, the stunning colors of the painting are perfectly illustrative as well.

3. Pond at Benten Shrine in Shiba in a Black Frame
Pond at Benten Shrine in Shiba by Kawase Hasui is a landscape painting of Benten Pond in Tokyo’s Ueno Park. The painting features the footbridge found in that park with two admiring geisha amidst almost countless lotus blossoms. This black-framed print makes a great gift for nearly anybody in your life, especially those who enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures.

4. Fisherman’s Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville in a Black Frame
Fisherman’s Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville by Claude Monet is yet another piece of art that can be easily enjoyed and admired by all and makes for an outstanding gift for a loved one. The original painting was inspired by the English Channel coast, which Monet often visited during the summer. The landscape portrays a stone cottage atop a hill overlooking the sea. This print along with a black frame could sublimely adorn any indoor location.

Why Choose Framed Museum Prints from MFA Boston
The framed prints at MFA Boston are second to none, as they are all done on archival quality paper and then framed with meticulous attention: finished taped backing, glass glazing, felt bumpers on corners, and in-set hanging wires.

Visit their collection of framed museum prints today and find the perfect gift for your loved one (and even one for yourself!).

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