In today’s world, Python Coding For Kids plays an important role if you want to make your Child’s future brilliant. Here are some popular platforms where your Child can learn Python free of cost.

Python has also inspired many children to learn to code, continuously inspiring them at every stage of life.

Best Platforms To Learn Python Coding For Kids


As a kid, if you don’t know where to learn Python, don’t worry. Google has a brilliant set of Python tutorials for beginners, also known as Google’s Python class.

Today, Python Coding For Kids has become very important if they want to make their future bright and get a good job. This is a free class for children as it provides a little programming experience for those willing to learn Python.

These classes also include written tutorials, lecture videos, and code exercises so that children can learn python coding easily.

Google itself uses Python for many projects. And google teaches Python to people who have started coding of having some experience.

You can also get some knowledge about Python through YouTube. Also, you don’t need to make any other account to attend python classes. Python teaches children to accept challenges and work according to them.


If you are thinking of learning from the best universities free of cost, Coursera can be the best website as it teaches free without a subscription. Python Coding For Kids is very important, so they should start Coursera as it has many courses they can benefit from.

Coursera provides many online courses from the best universities, such as NUS, INSTEAD, and many more. Coursera has provided courses to more than 900.000 students so that they can get a chance to perform well.

Coursera also contains four more choices if you want to learn in deep: Python Data Structure, Use of Database with Python, Use of Python to Work Web Dara, and Capstone Project: processing and Retrieving Data with Python.


Today, Udemy can be known as one of the most important online course platforms for learning Python for beginners. Udemy has a large collection of free online courses in India.

One will like Udemy as one can find any course they want to learn free of cost. One doesn’t need to purchase these courses to learn Python.

Today, every child should learn python coding as it’s very important to make a good future. Like Codecademy, you don’t need to buy any subscription, and you can create a free account and enroll yourself in free python courses.

Many websites keep their courses free if they have launched something special so that they can get more attraction, reviews, and social proof.

The best part of Udemy is that they provide experts who teach children, but it can’t be called an interactive or CodeCademy. If you are a person who likes to learn from videos, then Udemy can be the best place.

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If your child likes interactive learning, then CodeCademy can be their best option. The first thing they teach children is to write code online with the help of coding.

As a parent, it becomes your responsibility to understand that your child should know the importance of python coding as it can be helpful to them in many areas of life.

Also, you don’t need to set up Python on your computer. You can easily run python code from a web browser. One of the best things about Python is that you don’t need to write a full program until you get ready.

You need to make little changes and excite them if necessary. This can be a great and easy way to learn python programming. One can learn java, Python, JavaScript, and many more things using interactive platforms. 

In the previous year, an interactive platform was free, but now they have a freemium model where you get some courses by paid membership.


Educative is another free website where your child can learn Python coding. If you don’t know, Educative doesn’t need to worry, as the interactive platform allows you to learn and code from a web browser.

You can easily learn the concept and code in the next step without getting tensed about downloading the important software and setting up your development environment.

It can be a big advantage for any start-up student who wants to learn a programming language, as many get stuck initially.

If you are willing to learn Python in the current year, this course can be a platform. Many concepts are covered by this course, such as solving quizzes and coding difficulties.


As a parent, we should understand the importance of Python Coding For Kids as it helps them to learn Python programming languages which is the king of programming languages.

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