Customer service standards checklist

Customers are the lifeblood of a business and it needs to provide excellent customer service every day. Clients will lose interest in your product if it is not good enough. Make sure your agents follow clear guidelines by using our customer service standards checklist.

Create a customer service policy

Providing excellent customer service requires following this standard. In your business plan, you should outline your plans for supporting your clients. For complaints and questions, establish clear procedures.

How should you set up your customer service policy?

Make sure your policy includes these elements:

How should a customer service policy be created?

The following tools can be used to manage customer service policies:

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Social media management checklist

There are many challenges businesses face when it comes to managing their social media. It can be difficult to select one social network out of the many available.

You can easily keep track of your social media accounts with this handy checklist.

Maintain a social media presence

The first thing social media managers should do in the morning is check their profiles online. Walking these “rounds” every day is a great way to stay on top of what’s happening in your neighborhood.

How can I check all my social media accounts?

Getting into a routine should be your first priority. It is a good idea to check your social media accounts every morning. You can complete this process before the day’s work begins if you start in the morning.

Check each account’s comments, direct messages, shares, and notifications. Following a pattern will ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Answer any questions you may have

You should respond to comments posted on social media. It is vital to provide care.

Shouldn’t all comments be responded to?

A brand’s social media marketing goal is to build a community. A positive response from your audience is essential to building your reputation.

The key to success online is to establish a positive image. You should not ignore customer comments, as they may affect your company’s reputation.

In response to all comments, what should be done?

Social media software from LiveAgent allows you to manage multiple accounts.

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Help desk checklist

How should a help desk be organized and operated? Make sure you keep these things in mind. A well-organized help desk improves customer satisfaction.

Make a plan for the goals of your help desk

Identifying the goals of the help desk is the first step.

Why is it beneficial to set goals?

Set specific goals and check to see if you are meeting them in order to measure how well your help desk is performing.

What are your methods for setting goals?

It is important to set realistic, measurable, and time-bound goals. Providing more details is better. “My help desk aims to resolve 95% of queries within 24 hours.”

Goals should be set at the individual and departmental levels. Breaking down your big goals will make them easier to accomplish.

A help desk software

You should select your help desk software after defining your help desk’s goals. Considering your company’s needs is important.

How should I choose help desk software?

The software you choose should:

  • Easily understandable and easy to use
  • Ticketing systems and CRMs can be easily integrated
  • Businesses can take advantage of a wide range of features offered by the platform
  • There is a need for an affordable and effective support system
  • Discover if it’s the right fit for you with a free trial

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Know your customer checklist

It can be difficult to identify what your customers value most when you have so many advice sources at your disposal. Getting lost in the details is easy.

A summary of the risks

To know your customers, you need to understand their risk profile.

Risk profiling: what is its purpose?

Customers’ risk profiles influence their investment goals, time horizons, and risk tolerances. Based on your customers’ risk profiles, your products and services should be tailored to their needs.

Are the risk profiles of each customer different?

It is possible to determine the risk factors of a customer in several ways. A questionnaire or online tool can also be used to gather this information.

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Crisis communication plan checklist

Communication during a crisis can be effective if an organization has a crisis communication plan. A crisis communication plan can be developed using this checklist.

Decide who will communicate in a crisis

The CEO may be the only one involved, or you may have a team.

How should a crisis be communicated?

It is necessary to have communication coordinators in order to keep everyone informed. Your communication will be clear and concise as a result.

Communicate during a crisis using LiveAgent

Prepare in advance (e.g., using social media, email, text messages).

In what ways should crisis communication be handled?

Effective communication is essential during a crisis. It is also necessary to determine a communication channel before an emergency occurs. A message in an emergency can reach everyone.

What is the best way to communicate during a crisis?

  • An Excel spreadsheet listing channels and audiences
  • An audience or team survey can help you learn how they prefer to communicate (e.g., how they feel about crisis communications in your organization).
  • Resolve past crises by examining the best channels
  • During a crisis, LiveAgent provides multiple channels of communication

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