It seems sensible that many students who need greater scheduling flexibility or can’t get close enough to their professors have to move from traditional exams in a world where practically all schools are leaning toward online learning. Online examinations are increasingly becoming the preferred format for administering assessments due to the increasing demand to increase an organization’s overall effectiveness.


Comparing online examinations to regular exams, there are many advantages. In this article, we’ll look at five of the most crucial things to bear in mind while choosing an online testing system in 2023.


5 Crucial Pointers for Picking an Online Assessment Software

  • Scalability And Dependability

Scalability and dependability are important considerations for large institutions with thousands of students. Numerous vendors provide hosted custom software that cannot scale since it is not hosted in the cloud. Because the risks are low, custom software also lacks credibility. Verify if the software provider has current users. This increases the same’s believability. Ask if the program is cloud-based. Scalable software for the cloud can manage massive amounts of load concurrently. Self-hosted systems are unstable and have a high failure rate.

  • Support

Despite the convenience, there could be some initial difficulties in using and administering online exams. Human advice will frequently be needed to assist with the same.


  • Complex ticket-raising procedures should be replaced by telephone or mail help. Can you reach the merchant by phone?
  • How quickly are technical problems rectified and new features added? You shouldn’t get one that is bug-ridden and never updated.

  • Effective From A Financial Standpoint

How affordable the software is is a major restriction for many institutions. A fixed fee may not always be the best pricing for everyone, given the uncertainty around the number of users.


Verify the pricing’s flexibility and if they are willing to offer it for free in order to hold free practice exams. This will enable you to test the software before spending money on it.

  • A good match

You might be able to use a non-device-based solution, but if you’re using a mobile device (like an iPad) or want to switch from one platform to another (for example, from Windows to Mac or vice versa), you’ll want to consider how simple it will be to do so and make sure that your product will function properly with your hardware.

  • Analysis

Your manual task should be made easier with the aid of appropriate web software. This implies that it should evaluate your students and present reports on them. It should perform the laborious tasks of categorizing and correcting the responses, as well as alerting you to your pupils’ areas of weakness.


  • Does it automatically correct the answers? Verify that students can access their results reviews.
  • See if it can offer a simple method for exporting the results. You may be able to make more informed decisions if you have access to the data in Excel format.


Remember that obtaining hold of online exam application software with a user-friendly interface and built-in proctoring tools is essential to conducting an online computer test hassle-free and seamlessly. Invest in MasterSoft’s ERP campus software to gain a variety of benefits when you plan, carry out, and analyze an online exam, as well as when you announce results. Identifying all of your needs is the first step in selecting the best online exam software for your needs.