Explainer videos have shown an incredible rise in popularity over the past few years. Many businesses dare to invest in explainer videos to reap short and long-term benefits, including boosting sales and raising brand awareness. 

Furthermore, explainer videos have no boundaries in conveying and delivering any messages. You can deliver complex concepts, abstract ideas, or complicated processes through concise stories and appealing visuals.

If you’re new to explainer videos, it can be daunting to make the first step. So, we’ve gathered five explainer video ideas for businesses of all scales. The list below can come in handy even for smaller enterprises.

1. Product Demo Videos

A product demo video is one of the most popular types you can create to escalate your video marketing strategy. It allows you to demonstrate your product and services clearly through concise explanations. 

Audiences and prospective customers can draw a clear picture of your product and how it can be helpful for their lives. Product demo videos allow you to show the main features and benefits of your product. 

2. Tutorial Videos

A tutorial video is similar to a product demo video to some extent. The major difference is that tutorial videos clearly show step-by-step how to leverage your product or services.

The illustrations and animations on the video are the actors that will show practical steps. Audiences can simply follow the steps shown in the video to use a product or run a service.

3. Graphical Transitions

Motion graphics are the core shape of graphical transition videos. Different from the previous two, graphical transitions rely heavily on texts, typography, graphs, and transitions to explain a message.

Graphical transition videos can be very engaging and driving as they are commonly designed with fast-paced timing. Audiences can get the information they are looking for within minutes away.

4. Live-Action Animated Videos

A live-action animated video requires you to shoot real actors or objects. The process then continues with the editing stage where you add animations, illustrations, and other moving objects to support a better explanation.

Creating a live-action animated video may take more effort than the three stated before. You must shoot with actors or real objects, which means you should use quality recording tools to generate high-quality videos.

The real video footage will be handed to editors and video designers. They need to polish the video into an explainer video by adding visual elements and audio aids.

5. Company Introduction

Small businesses should consider creating a company introduction video to raise brand awareness. You can introduce your company by mentioning your motto, values, and other essential information.

You can mention how your companies help customers and how your product is better than competitors. Company introduction videos can be additional video content for your email newsletter or landing page. 


Explainer videos are necessary content for businesses in this day and age, especially if your brand or product requires illustrations to explain what it is about. For example, fintech, healthcare, AI, and SaaS companies can produce explainer videos to market their products or services.

Besides, explainer videos can be valuable content for your social media feed and landing page. You can reach a wider audience and generate new leads by posting your videos on social platforms. All in all, explainer videos are great investments for businesses to gain benefits.