Parenting at times can become quite a lonely journey. Although people have been following the same process for ages. You do not have your friends and family all the time around you. However, in the modern world, some ways might make moms a little less lonely. Mommy blogging is the latest trend to look out for.

Real-life moms come on various platforms and share the good and bad of parenting. They not only share the challenges but also share the good moments. Oh yes! The funny ones too! These mom blogs are so worth having a look at. 


5 Mom blogs you must refer to  

The rise of social media platforms has given mommy’s a way to show what their life looks like after becoming a mother. The new mothers or rather the ones who are yet to be can draw inspiration from these blogs and can even create their ones. Blogging has evolved over the years. It is even more realistic now than it used to be. There are so many blogs that you can follow. Some of them are: 

  • At Home with Natalie 

Natalie Lesnefsky is a mother of a five-year-old baby boy. Apart from being a mother, she is a DIY and lifestyle YouTuber and blogger. She and her five-year-old are always up in the blogs. She also plans parties and has the unique ability to transform the store brought goodies into pieces of stuff that children love. 

  • Cat and Nat 

Dealing with a single kid? Well, these two deal with seven together! Natalie Telfer and Catherine Belknap are the moms you should refer to. The duo is not just hilarious, they also break down mom truths via videos and podcasts. The pair talks about things that other moms generally do not. This is one of the most unique mom blogs you can check out. 

  • Juggling the Jenkins 

It of a kind hilarious blog this is! Tiffany Jenkins is a mom of three. Their posts will simply make you roll on the floor laughing. You must follow this blog especially if you are not a morning person. However, the blog is not just about good laughs, it also has a lot of insights into mental health. 

  • Mama Doctor Jones 

Danielle Jones is not just a doctor but is also a mother of four. She shares her life through the blogs that she posts on various platforms. If you are a working mom then this is one blog that you must not miss out on. Working moms face a different challenge altogether. This blog will inspire you to fight those challenges. 

  • Pregnant Chicken 

This is the best blog you can refer to. This is a blog that deals with everything. From pregnancy to parenthood to post-pregnancy issues etc. From various baby shower games to postpartum healing and even post-baby sex. This blog literally will keep your pregnancy and post-pregnancy days bubbling and you will enjoy every bit of it. 



Pregnancy itself is a difficult journey. Motherhood is tougher. We often miss out on many things. Life indeed changes once you become a mother. However, sometimes the change can get too lonely and frustrating as well. It is at this time; that these mom blogs will help you remain rejuvenated. Consider these blogs as the sunny side up and enjoy it! Happy Reading!