Last year 74% of CMSes were developed on an open-source platform, which created a buzz about CMSes and why they were so widely used in the market. An open-source CMS is a software with open-source code and it is accessible to everyone. Anyone can upgrade the open-source CMS as they wish, as open-source CMSes are not owned or maintained by a single organization. You can change the code and oversee the content and operation of your website, without any underlying code. We’ll take you through what open source CMSes are all about, keep reading.


What’s The Best Open-Source CMS That’s Driving The Market Now?


With more than 1.5 million users in more than 230 countries. Drupal stands as the best open-source CMS. Drupal’s open-source CMS gives it a competitive advantage over conventional content management systems that have been used by small-to-large companies around the globe. This platform succeeds at delivering the appropriate content to relevant individuals on time. If you are not using Drupal, you must migrate to this cost-effective, simple CMS, as the Drupal 9 migration stands as the easiest upgrade in over a decade.


Also, Drupal keeps up with technological advancements through its Modernization Strategy. It has multiple modules and a range of services, such as blogs, instructional sites, and e-commerce. Drupal is a long-term, sustainable investment. Not just this, read ahead to find five reasons you should upgrade and migrate to Drupal.


  1. Built-in-SEO Tool


We all know good Search Engine Optimization increases your visibility. Drupal CMS has a built-in SEO tool that assists in optimizing your content for search. It increases your possibility of ranking higher on the search pages. Drupal upgrade and migration are very SEO-friendly.


Drupal’s auto-tagging tools, like the metatag module, allow you to add meta tags to your site. The automated plugins for URL modification let you alter URLs. You can cleanse and add keywords to boost the post’s ranking. It even detects your language of choice based on your URL or IP address.


Drupal lets you influence how your information gets displayed on social networking sites. It happens through APIs like Twitter Cards and Facebook’s Open Graph protocol. These allow you to communicate regular feedback across different channels. Looking for a great SEO tool, upgrade and migrate to Drupal.


  1. User Experience


The change in the digital landscape is leading to changes in the user experience. From the minute your site is live and kicking, it must suit the needs of your audience. They want personalized user experiences that meet all their needs. In a way, Drupal’s modernization strategy increases business agility.


Srijan uses customization modules like Browsing History Recommender, Commerce Recommender, Personalization Module, and Context-Menu Block to deliver the best possible user experience. With Drupal’s BigPipe optimizing module, you can rank first in the list of pages. It increases speed and the page loading time.


Drupal offers versatile layouts for advertising campaigns. You can use the visual design and layout tool to repurpose the content and create customizable landing pages. These various built-in and added modules make Drupal the best CMS to which you can upgrade or migrate.


  1. Drupal is a Headless CMS


Headless CMS is creating Drupal websites wherein Drupal functions as the content repository on the backend. The front end uses a variety of interfaces with Drupal through an API. Some reasons why companies upgrade and migrate to headless Drupal implementation are:


  • It Increases the number of content consumers. Businesses nowadays interact with customers through websites. They deliver content to several different locations. For this, they need Drupal’s modernization strategy.


  • When businesses need separate microsites for different content, they construct a single CMS. Using the Drupal modernization strategy, you can send content across all sites. Drupal is the only accessible open-source CMS that acts as a microsite manager for you. Three main characteristics of Drupal Headless CMS are:


  • Front-End Flexibility
  • The API-First Strategy
  • Create something once, then publish it anywhere.


  1. Multilingual Source


If you want, you can reach your customers in different countries by upgrading and migrating to Drupal. Why, you may ask? Drupal has multiple language support in the system, which makes creating content in different languages easier. You can communicate with your customers globally.


Drupal is the only CMS that has over 100 languages in one system. It even has automated translation for local audiences that leads to conversions. The translation switcher feature gets added to your page theme, where you can access it. You are allowed access to move across translated versions of web pages within a multi-language group.


Since it is free and easy to use, it’s better to upgrade and migrate to Drupal. You can use the Multi-language feature without extra cost to reach your target audience.


  1. Templates and Themes


It is the best reason to upgrade and migrate to Drupal. Drupal offers a selection of responsive themes and templates. These make it easy for you to create different kinds of blogs: personal, portfolio, or business. Almost every Drupal template features good scalability that adjusts itself to various screens.


Drupal modernization strategy includes new modern themes and templates. These adaptable designs work on all electronic devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can create responsive themes for your local business with quality and professionalism.


Some of the best themes that you can use are Ruhi, Autumn, Vani, Tara, Minimal lite, Commerce, Multipurpose, Venture theme, and Photography.


Planning To Upgrade? – Meet Srijan,


Of course, because of the advancement of technology, upgrading to a secure and scalable open-source CMS like Drupal will benefit you in the long run. Drupal has become the best choice in open-source CMS. Reach out to Srijan when you adopt an open-source CMS; you will have access to online experts who are all striving to improve. Tons of developers contribute to Drupal’s improvement every day. They create new themes, and modules, and provide valuable feedback. So, you will only benefit from upgrading and migrating to Drupal.