A good moisturiser is vital for perfecting any skincare routine. Be it a face moisturiser or a moisturising lotion, both provide many benefits to keep your skin glowing, young, and plump. You must have heard that people with acne-prone and oily skin should avoid moisturisers as they can induce breakouts, but this is pure misconception. The truth is, no matter what type of skin you have, it is ideal to pick the right moisturiser and include it into your skincare routine without fail!

If you are still skeptical about using a moisturiser, here are five reasons why you must moisturise your skin daily!

Moisturising Your Skin Fights Dryness

The first reason to use a good moisturiser for your skin is to prevent dryness. How does it work? A good face moisturiser for women contains humectants that attract water from the air, or from deep within the skin, to hydrate your skin and lock it for long-lasting dryness control. Ideally, you should choose a moisturiser containing honey extracts, Shea butter, and aloe vera, as these soothe dry skin and deeply moisturises it. If you have oily skin, you can choose lightweight water-based moisturisers to keep your skin hydrated.

Moisturising Helps Fight Signs of Aging

Aging reduces collagen production in the skin, resulting in early signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. If the moisturiser you are currently using is not doing the trick, it is the right time to invest in a new face moisturiser that is rich in ingredients such as Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and rosehip oil. These boost collagen formation, while slowing down skin aging. Moisturising twice a day in your early 30s can leave your skin feeling beautiful and youthful in the long run.

face Moisturizer for women

Moisturising Reduces Dark Spots

Another valid reason to regularly moisturise your skin is that it helps remove dry and pigmented cells, thus reducing dark spots. Additional ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinal, and bakuchiol can provide long-lasting hydration and easily erase scars and pigmentation. Regular moisturisation can prevent these nasty spots even if you do not have dark spots in the first place.

Moisturisation Prevents Skin Flaking

If you have eczema-prone or flaky skin, using a non-comedogenic and fragrance-free moisturiser can smoothen and soften your skin, while preventing flaking. It is best to moisturise every time you wash your face, or after a shower, for optimum results.

Moisturisation Prevents Acne Breakout

Did you know that dry skin lacking in hydration can aggravate acne and breakouts? When your skin starts getting dry, it produces excess sebum and oils to overcome the dryness, which can clog the pores more frequently and lead to breakouts. A good moisturiser with calming ingredients such as oatmeal and chamomile can reduce excess sebum production, deeply hydrate your skin, and prevent acne breakouts.


Now that you know the various benefits of regularly using a moisturiser, it is time to invest in a good moisturiser that keeps your skin flawless, no matter what skin type you may have. Before you buy face moisturisers online or in person, make sure they are the right type for your skin, and have the best ingredients to cure any underlying skin ailments. Also, steer clear of harsh ingredients such as Arrogance and sulphate, which can damage your skin in the long run.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up with the ideal moisturiser for your skin, and flaunt our hydrated, glowing, and flawless skin today!