You’ll have difficulty choosing between all the flavors and designs available. There are many factors to consider: flavor, design, and budget. Use these 5 tips to choose the perfect wedding cake! Read on for tips to make your wedding day as special as possible.

1. Choosing a Flavor

Choosing a flavor for your wedding cake shouldn’t be an ordeal. It would help if you choose a flavor that you and your guests enjoy. If you are unsure what flavor you want, ask your friends and family for advice. Depending on the size of your wedding, you may even want to get a small cake made in the flavor of your choice for your wedding party or immediate family. Of course, you can also opt for a safer, traditional flavor for the cake.

You can also consider your wedding season when choosing a flavor. Winter weddings might call for a rich, creamy cake. However, a lighter flavor, like lemon and poppy seed, will be perfect in summer. Whatever the season, you should find a flavor that compliments your wedding. Then again, if you don’t want to make any compromises, you can always opt for a more traditional fruit flavor like a carrot.

2. Choosing a Design

There are many decisions to be made when choosing a design for your wedding cake. The design should reflect your wedding theme, style, color scheme, and personality. If you have a rustic theme, a naked cake in a saturated color might be appropriate. You may also want your parents to get involved in the decision-making process. No matter what style you choose, your wedding cake should fit in with the rest of the wedding elements, so you should consider bringing fabric swatches to the bakery.

The location of your wedding also plays a big role in determining the design of your wedding cake. For example, a stately home would probably look best with a 5-tier elegant cake. Alternatively, a quirky novelty cake would be inappropriate at an outdoor wedding. Look at the details of your wedding venue before choosing a design for your cake. Other brides base their designs on the wedding dress. They can also have the cake designer reproduce the details on the dress.

3. Choosing a Baker

When choosing a baker for your wedding cake, ask for references. It’s not enough to look at a few photos, though. The baker should know your vision and work with you to create your dream cake. Ask to see sample cakes, ask about delivery times, and whether the cake tasted as good as it looked in pictures. Finally, ask to see their pastry school certificate.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a cake, but the final product will make a lasting impression. You can choose a baker who is well-known in the area and has a reputation for quality work to offer Wedding Cake Dubai.

4. Budgeting

When budgeting for your wedding cake, it is important to remember that its cost is largely determined by labor, not ingredients. However, the size and shape of the cake are important factors, too. Moreover, most wedding cakes are priced per slice, and you should account for at least 25 fewer slices if you have 150 guests. If you want to save money, opt for a plated presentation, which will cut down on the overall cost.

Once you know how much to spend, the next step is to decide how many slices you want. If you choose a seated dinner, each guest needs to have a slice, which will raise the price of the cake. Instead, choose family-style desserts and cut the cake into smaller pieces. A smaller number of guests does not necessarily mean a smaller wedding cake, so you should avoid a large, expensive cake. Instead, look for a baker that can create a unique, affordable cake that will be a hit with the guests.