Laser hair evacuation can give you back hours of your life by eliminating hair from trouble spots forever. Here, we talk about this famous system, make sense of why various kinds of lasers are best for various skin types, and assist you with finding the region of your body where you can utilize laser hair evacuation.

At Laser Clinic Dubai Doctor assists ladies and men with eliminating undesirable body hair. She has two laser hair evacuation frameworks — the Alexandrite laser (best for lighter-cleaned patients) and the Nd:YAG laser (best for more obscure cleaned patients) — to give every last bit of her clients the most ideal experience.

How your hair develops

Before we get to the rundown of famous region of your body where you can utilize laser treatment for hair removal in Dubai, it’s really smart to comprehend how your body hair develops. There are three phases of human hair development and shedding.


This is the dynamic development period of your hair. At the point when another hair structures, it pushes up and out through the follicle. This stage goes on around 2-6 years for scalp hair (so it can become very lengthy), and about a month for body hair (which makes sense of why these hairs are more limited). Around 90% of your hairs are some place in this cycle at some random time.


Catagen is the momentary stage when development stops and the blood stream to the follicle is cut off. At some random time, around 3% of your hairs are in this stage, which goes on for around 2-3 weeks.


Telogen is the resting stage, during which a hard bulb of keratin structures at the base of your hair and holds it set up. Around 6%-8% of your hairs are in this stage whenever, and it endures 100 days for scalp hairs and longer for hair on the remainder of your body. You shed up to a few hundred hairs in the telogen stage each day everywhere.

How laser hair evacuation functions

A laser hair removal sends minuscule beats of light at a particular frequency right at your hair follicles. The light goes to warm when it stirs things up around town in the hair. This causes microdamage, which doesn’t cause a consume or scar yet which modifies the hair follicle barely enough that it doesn’t develop new hairs.

This main influences hair follicles in specific scopes of the anagen stage, so you want numerous laser medicines separated a couple of months separated to treat all of your hair follicles in a specific region. Fortunately after you’re finished, you won’t have to utilize hair evacuation methods for a long time. With rehashed medicines, you might make the harm to the hair follicles extremely durable.

6 region of your body for laser hair expulsion

You can utilize laser hair expulsion on practically any piece of your body securely. These six regions are most frequently focused on:

Appendages (arms and legs)
Hands and feet (like on the backs of your fingers and on your toes)
Middle (back, chest, and mid-region)
Swimsuit line