Improved breeding methods have led to the development of autoflowering cannabis strains, which are growing cannabis strains more quickly and with higher quality. Since high potency yields can currently be obtained between 9 and 10 weeks after germination, they develop quickly. You should know a lot of information before you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds. To learn more, keep reading.

What Is Marijuana Ruderalis, and How Does It Relate To Autoflowers?

Cannabis ruderalis is a purported third strain or subspecies of cannabis and is a major component of the autoflowering variation. Cannabis ruderalis is renowned for its diminutive size, low amounts of cannabinoids (CBD), hardiness, and cold resistance. Furthermore, assuming it has reached a given size and age, it tends to blossom regardless of the current light cycles.

Darkness Is Not Necessary For Autoflowering Plants

Plants that self-flower don’t need a light cycle shift to bloom. The recommended lighting schedule ranges from 16/8 to 24/0. According to certain theories, specific metabolisms take place in the dark and boost the health and vigor of plants. There has yet to be any proof, though, to support this.

Autoflowers May Be Grown Outside All Year Round

They have a good chance of growing outside all year if you plant them in warm climates. Usually, it takes 8 to 10 weeks for them to be prepared, and if the conditions are right, you can complete up to five harvests during that time limit. Because they are resilient, autoflowers may thrive in temperatures above freezing. Even though they can withstand frost, prolonged freezing temperatures may be too much for autoflowers. But make sure you purchase your seeds from reliable suppliers.

Can Autoflowering Plants Be Cloned?

Some people think it is almost impossible to clone autoflowers since it is so challenging and intricate. They think the output will be little since the mother plant’s cuttings will grow to a different size.

However, some gardeners have succeeded in cloning their autoflowers because they feel it is possible. They allowed the clones to grow in the vegetative state after cloning until they were the same size as the mother plant, and they grew to their largest size and started to bloom as time passed.

What Time Do Autoflowers Bloom?

Like other plants, the common cannabis strains have a gene that regulates their dependence on and reaction to photoperiod. However, this gene is not present in autoflowers, implying that autoflowers won’t adjust their circadian cycle to coincide with blossoming.

The gene that causes autoflowers to blossom remains a mystery. But one thing is certain—age, not variations in light, initiates blossoming in autoflowers. Because of this, most autoflowers start blooming 6–8 weeks after they are planted.

How Long Does It Take An Autoflower To Mature?

Various autoflower cultivars have quite different maturation times from seed to harvest, and it is a result of how recent autoflowers are. However, a good autoflower variety should be harvestable in less than 10 weeks.

From seed to harvest, autoflowers have reportedly taken up to 18 weeks in certain cases. The instability of faulty seeds from untrustworthy sellers has been blamed for this. For this reason, you require the proper plug for your seeds.


Especially if you’re a cannabis producer, you should be aware of the most recent developments, as autoflowering seeds are the current craze. You should be aware of the following seven essential facts before you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds, which we believe will be extremely useful.