Online betting, while it may sound exciting, is no less a strategic game. You have to prepare for that and can’t just rely on your luck and go for the bet. Here, we provide you with some key tips on how to make the most of your knowledge and become a pro in cricket betting online.


IPL has just concluded, and there are many who would be laughing away to their banks while some would be ruing their chances. Well, we are not talking about the cricketers who took part in the mega league, but punters who were playing their betting tricks for about two months, through the IPL season 2022.

When it comes to betting on sports, some consider it as a chance of luck. However, it isn’t so. There is more to that. One being fully invested, interested and in the know-how of the sport and event in particular on which you are betting.

Cricket is definitely one of the biggest sports in the world, especially in the Indian sub-continent. Every other person you meet would be a cricket lover here. So, it comes as no surprise that there are many here who take to online betting on cricket, whether it is international match, tournament or a domestic league like IPL.

Do you think you have it in you to earn good by betting on cricket online? Well, you shouldn’t start before taking note of these tips we have curated for you:

  1. You Have to Have In-Depth Knowledge of Cricket

You can’t shine in any field whatsoever when you aren’t knowledgeable about that and doesn’t know what you are doing. This is true for cricket betting as well. You have to be aware of everything related to cricket, like its rules, regulations, team info, cricket event knowledge, and everything else.

While you can try out cricket betting with a bit of knowledge and some help from others around you, not being fully invested in that yourself will make it a bit of a challenge for you.

  1. Choose Right Website or App

Search for betting sites in India which are reliable, trustworthy and fully authorised and registered to conduct legal online betting. Don’t fall prey to a whole range of fraudsters out there or scams that could run away with your money. Ensure to pick a website where there are multiple betting odds available, rewards and discounts for new members, and which helps you keep track of what is happening in the sport and that particular tournament and event.

  1. Do Your Research Fully

Right from knowing about the team involved, players, venues, team combinations, game format, and other recent updates and trends; you have to keep yourself updated on all things. Therefore, before you start betting, and alongside when the tournament is taking place, your research plays a big part in defining your strategies.

  1. Don’t Go By Bookmaker’s Choice

Before the start of the tournament, the bookmakers make their own assumptions and pick their favourite. However that is based on the past performances and favourites. But that is not certain at all, as can be experienced by past tournaments and matches in not just cricket but other sports as well.

Here your research plays a big role, as you could find the spots that many have missed and that could become the right prediction.

  1. Place Few Bets to Have a Better Chance of Winning

Which is better – placing 20-odd bet selections or going with just 4-5 bet selections? Well, if your knowledge is good, then you know it is the latter one. More the selections, the more money you are throwing in, and accounting for all the odds, the return potential lessens as compared to when you bet on a fewer selections.

  1. Don’t Go with Highly Competitive Odds All the Time

More common and usual bets are what most look forward to. However, it isn’t the pitch you should be rolling on each and every time. Don’t go with odds-on favourites and if your research is enough and right than you know that seeking less obvious cricketing betting odds provide you with a better chance of winning.


Remember that online cricket betting is very volatile, and the odds keep changing regularly. Therefore, it is important to take note of when you should be placing your bets. Don’t always go with advance bet placement. Above all, bet backed by your strategies and not by what you feel whether you are looking to bet on Indian IPL betting sites or international cricket match betting sites.