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Eye contact is vital in all forms of communication. The eyes tell several things even without the use of words or verbal communication. The same concept applies to cats. These species use their eyes to indicate various meanings and emotions. Eye contact is part of the visual signals used by cats to “talk” with other animals or with humans.

Cats can do different forms of eye contact —

  • A stare with a few blinks means the cat is challenged
  • A relaxed stare with a few winks and blinks means the cat is contented
  • A relaxed stare with half-closed eyes means safe or secure

The whiskers of cats also serve as a platform for them to indicate what they feel.

Fanned out and pointed out whiskers – The cat is tensed or highly alert

Whiskers directly pointed out and less spread – The cat is relaxed

Flattened whiskers against their face and bunched together – The cat is nervous or frightened

Scratching among cats can also be considered a visual signal, indicating the territorial instinct of cats.

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